Running Through Under the Big Top on Epic Normal

It has been quite awhile since I mentioned any of my epic quest runs.  Earlier in the week I took Garrrin (Level 21 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) into Under the Big Top on epic normal.  As I have mentioned in the past, I tend to do mostly epic normal runs for now, until I get better handle on what to expect on these difficulties and because the vast majority of my characters are under geared.  During this run, I brought forth my onyx panther, my level 17 Owlbear, and a level 21 Exalted Angel hireling.  I was a little worried about the spell casters forcing Garrrin into dancing fits but I actually encountered very little of this.  During the run, I was able to quickly get to the arcane casters to hit them pretty solidly with Ear Smash and had enough damage output to overcome any of the healing that was being put out from the divine casters that I hadn’t gotten to yet.

The rune wheels also weren’t much of problem, as I used the onyx panther to rotate them into the correct position.  Although I really wasn’t worried too much about them in any case, not on epic normal, as I assumed I would have enough hit points to absorb any of the damage that might have been caused by their traps.  Luckily I didn’t really encounter any major issues at all.  Although I was disappointed as I didn’t get the named hell hound to spawn.

 photo Garrrinpreparingtoface-offagainstMalicia_zpsabdee487.jpg
Garrrin waiting for Malicia to come forth to be dealt with in Under the Big Top.

The fight in the big top itself was also fairly easy.  I had no problems dispatching with the charmed elf House Phiarlan guards and then dealing with Malicia and her cohort of tieflings.  It did take me a little longer than I would have liked to take her down though, just indicating the lack of proper gearing.  I was hoping to get some of the pieces needed for the antique greataxe for unfortunately I didn’t geat any drops at all.  Maybe I will next time.  In any case, even undergeared, Under the Big Top wasn’t very hard on epic normal for Garrrin :).

I’m sure I would have a much tougher time trying this on epic hard.  Although I may just try it just to see how I would fair out.  The trapped rune wheels will be a little more annoying, I’m sure, not to mention the hell hounds on their exploding balls of fire.  I’m also curious as to how much more difficult the spell casters will be.  I can see Garrrin’s downfall being greater commanded or being danced continuously.  The cometfalls from the divine casters could also be a problem for him, althoug his balance is pretty good, but the again if he is commanded and then hit with cometfall…their could be problems their.

I guess to move on with one test at a time.  My previous attempt at running an epic hard quest was with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) in Into the Deep and that didn’t go to well as I had pulled way too much aggro and got to overwhelmed.  I haven’t tried since that point but I’m beginning to think it might be time once again :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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