The Idol of Halokh

One of the more interesting objects, to me at least, in DDO is something that is called The Idol of Halokh.  If you don’t have access to Three Barrel Cove and the quest the Scondrel’s Run, then you might not be aware of this unique item.  The Idol of Halokh is an idol that has been broken up into five separate pieces and have been hidden throughout the mines of the Scondrel Run.  To complete the quest, you have to gather the pieces and then assemble them on the altar at the beginning of the quest entrance. The assembled idol looks just like a form of turtle.
The Idol is now complete photo TheIdoisnowfinished_zps2ee95c02.jpg Erdrique looking at the completed Idol of Halokh.

This is what drives my curiosity about this item.  I find it puzzling that an important idol would be in the form of a turtle.  When one thinks of a turtle, they don’t think of a powerful force of nature and they don’t think of a creature that is nimble, clever, or creative.  However, when I think about a turtle I think about how the species as adapted over time to develop strong defensive mechanisms, are long living, and are persistent.  I happen to have two of my own turtles and these are the traits I see in them.

But when I think of an “idol”, especially one that is being used to test ones strength, agility, and ingenuity, and that is guarded by a clan of powerful minotaurs I don’t imagine the idol as taking the shape of turtle.  I would think the idol would be more representative of a more “ferocious” creature or race.  Maybe something more akin to a shark, kracken, or hydra or some other type of powerful water based mountain to show how it is linked to being a test for pirates.

But, now that I think about it, there are a few other things to keep in mind.  In Eberron we not only have the typical pirate but we also have airship pirates as well.  Also, one has to think about those attributes I mentioned previously when one thinks about a turtle.  Everybody knows that a pirate has to strong, agile, and be able to think on their feet but also a pirate needs to be adaptable in order to maintain a strong defense to stay alive and has to be persistent in their trials if they wish to prosper.  As for living a long life…well maybe the turtle shaped idol is also used to “inspire” that thought, but we all know that being a pirate is a very risky job…just like an adventurer .

Thanks for reading my rambling about the Idol of Halokh.  If you get a chance, take on the minotaurs of the Scondrel’s Run and put it together to see the idol for yourself!!  Happy hunting everybody!!


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