Who Exactly is the Soulless One?

One of the oldest quests in the game is the Chamber of Insanity.  I recently took Erdrique (Level 8 Monk) through this quest (Level 7 quest on elite) and took on the Soulless One.  For those that don’t know, the Chamber of Insanity is short quest located in House Kundarak not far from the Ever Full Flagon.  The Chamber of Insanity is a small warehouse or other small property that was leased to some proponents of the Blood of Vol.  Supposedly the cultists were taken care but their undead minions still persist.

While exploring the Chamber of Insanity, you will encounter four powerful wraiths, a few live and kicking necromancers, a few wights, some zombies, some arcane skeletons, and the Soulless One.  In this particular instance, I’m curious about Soulless One.  He is a red-named specter that you encounter in the center of the Chamber, which is unlocked only after you destroy the four wraiths.  Unlike his four protectors, the Soulless One is actually a specter.  Although he isn’t extremely powerful, he can be annoying as he is also with some other undead casters (an arcane skeleton and wight priests) that combination can be deadly.  However, if you separate the Soulless One from these others he is relatively easy to deal with.

Who is the Souless One? photo SowhoistheSoulessOne_zps80d7df11.jpg
So who is exactly is the Soulless One?

While taking Erdrique through this quest I wondered who exactly is the Soulless One?  We have no clues as to his identity that I’m aware of.  The only thing that we know for sure is that these necromancers and undead minions are servants of the Blood of Vol.  My guess is that the Soulless One was a powerful fanatic priest to Vol.  He/She was probably a powerful necromancer as well and probably was responsible for establishing the lease of the Chamber.  I imagine that Soulless One implored some powerful necromantic powers to sacrifice some others to create the four wraiths you encounter (Agony, Despair, Hatred, and Madness).  By doing so, he literally stripped the souls of these shades and while invoking this magic he also transformed himself into powerful specter, taking on the name of the Soulless One.

I imagine he is now operating to protect any secrets the Blood of Vol maybe keeping in the Chamber.  It could also be surmised that the Blood of Vol would like to use the Chamber of Insanity for future projects as well.  I could easily see this property being used to torture enemies of the cult and to extract information from those prisoners and/or enemies against the cult.  I could see the potential of four powerful crazed wraiths, as well as a demented specter, to be an incentive to spill some information.

In any case, the Soulless One seems to be an interesting enemy.  I have no idea what race he/she was or what area they came from.  Did they originally come from Stormreach?  What was his/her ultimate goal?  Where did he study?  Who was his master (if any)?  Questions we will probably never really find he answer too but which are interesting to think about.

Ok, thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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