Taking a Brief Look at King Raiyum’s Court

One of the things I like to write about are explorations of the lore and back story to the various enemies we encounter in our questing throughout DDO with our favorite characters.  Well, I just took Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) through one of the walk-up quests in the Sands of Menechtarun, the Chamber of Rahmat and as I was taking Hamllin through the quest I began to think about King Raiyum and how his court may have looked like.  If you haven’t paid too much attention to the storylines of the quests in the Desert, you might not realize that King Raiyum was a tyrant king who ruled with a strong, iron fist.  He was also a very talented summoner and was responsible for bringing forth Lailat, the Demon Queen to the Sands of Menechtarun.  King Raiyum had a number of servants and councilors in his court that included Rahmat and Kourush who also happen to have their own respective pyramid tombs.  So lets take a closer look at King Raiyum’s court.

Hamllin looking for the Physician photo HamllinlookingforthePhysician_zps41019364.jpgHamllin making his way through the Tomb of the Physician (Chamber of Rahmat).

Before we can look at King Raiyum’s court, we have to figure out exactly who was in it.  My assumption is that every named undead in the tombs and the surrounding areas were significant members of his court.  These include the following:

1).  Rahmat, the Physican
2).  Kourush, the Astrologer
3).  Hafez, the Lion
4).  Hami, the Jackal
5).  Ashok Kalidan
6).  Jezzerae, Concubine
7).  Kaenis, Beggar
8).  Thumok the Mad
9).  General Tanankh
10).  The Thirsty One

Now there is no doubt that the first four of these powerful mummies are indeed part of King Raiyum’s court.  It is well known that Rahmat and Kourush were King Raiyum’s most trusted councilors and it  was also believed that they all competed with each other in terms of finding the secret to never ending life.  The next two, Hafez and Hami are two intriguing members of the king’s circle.  If you can read the inscriptions in the Chamber of Raiyum (Tomb of the Wizard King) you discover that King Raiyum learns of these great warriors in his land and convinces them to join him.  They are no doubt his protectors and are also powerful mummies when you encounter them during your adventures.  We see that his court is comprised of at least two powerful magic users, Rhamat and Kourush, and two body guards, Hafez and Hami.  Now I’m going to assume that Rhamat the Physician was a divine caster and that Kourush the Astrologer was an arcane caster, simply based on their names.  Although, if I remember correctly, I believe Rhamat cast Prayer on me when I was battling him, which would suggest that he is a divine caster.  I haven’t faced off against Kourush lately so I can’t verify his spells.

The next member of his court is a rather unwilling pawn, Ashok Kalidan.  Ashok Kalidan caught the eye of King Raiyum as being a local hero and the king wanted him to serve at his whim.  Unlike Hafez and Hami, Ashok had no interest in serving King Raiyum so the king decided to kidnap his family and to hold them hostage unless he joined his forces.  As a result, Ashok became the king’s personal assassin and was sent out on a number of missions to take out rivals.  This wound up corrupting Ashok’s soul and that is why he was sealed away in his shrine as a wraith.  So even the king didn’t have the complete loyalty of all of his court.

Now the next two members of the court we encounter are in the quest the Chamber of Rhamat.  Jezzerae, as her name implies was most likely the king’s mistress.  Its hard to determine if the king actually cared for his mistress or not but the fact that he preserved her and had her positioned in one of his most trusted court members tomb does seem to suggest some type of care.  The next member we come across is Kaenis, a beggar who is now a ghast.  Now trying to figure out what role Kaenis filled on the court was a little difficult for me but I’m beginning to think that Kaenis was the court treasurer.  The fact that he is now a beggar, which implies the lack of money, seems like an ironic twist to his fate that King Raiyum could have easily laid down on him.  I can see Kaenis doing everything he could to manage his king’s wealth and walking on knives when he counciled Raiyum on how to spend his money.

Now the next three members of the court are wandering around the outside of the tombs.  The first of these is Thumok the Mad.  My feelings about Thumok is that he was a seer who was able to see visions into Raiyum’s future.  I wouldn’t be surprised that the things he saw eventually turned him crazy and the king just took some delight in preserving this side of him.  The second of these General Tanankh, it is clear to me that he is the King Raiyum’s general and was the leader of Raiyum’s army.  He now serves to lead Raiyum’s undead forces.  The last of these is The Thirsty One.  Well, I can’t help but think that the Thirsty One is the king’s jester or court clown.  He probably did way too many tricks with water and in a vicious cycle of irony the king decided to preserve him as a skeleton.

Now there are a number of other powerful mummies out in the desert area and inside the various quests.  I’m just assuming that these minions are just powerful members of Raiyum’s now undead army and are not necessarily members of his court.  In life, King Raiyum’s court was wicked and powerful and in death they are even more so.

So that is a quick look at King Raiyum’s court.  We have the physician, the astrologer, the body guards, the assassin, the mistress, the treasurer, the seer, the general, and the jester.  It is quite evident that the court was extremely powerful and it was also evident that not all of the members were proud of their service.

I wouldn’t mind learning more about these members and villains in the future.   I find them very interesting, I think I will have to give this a little more thought and delve deeper into their back stories, if I can.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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