Rough Holiday Weekend, Questing November 28th to November 30th

Well, I had the grandest plans for this past holiday weekend.  I was planning on completing the Delera’s Story Arc and the Sentinels Story Arc and hitting level 10 with Erdrique (Druid).  However, my video card decided it wanted to keep crashing on me all night Friday night.  Not sure what was happening there but my video drivers kept crashing preventing me from doing much.  Eventually I was able to get on after working on a few things and I logged in with Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) who completed the quest Where’s there smoke on elite.  By that time it was after 4 am and needed to head to bed for the night.

Crawlller coming upon a shrine in Nash's Farmstead photo CrawlllercominguponashrineinNashsFarmstead_zpseb0c303f.jpgCrawlller coming up on shrine in Where’s there smoke.

Saturday was a much better day.  I was able to log on with Erdrique and I was able to knock out the Sentinels of Stormreach Chain by completing the Bargain of Blood, The Black Loch, Storm the Beaches, and The Tide Turns.  Upon its completion, he was also able to turn in the heroic saga, The Pirates of the Thunder Sea and to claim the guild renown reward which netted the Crypt Crawlers another 80,000 renown .  I then joined up with Jovianus and we tackled the quest, The Tomb of the Shadow Lord.  We had some problems in there, especially with me getting energy drained by the wraiths and shadows.  But we did get through it.  I called it a night after that run.

Erd taking on the Blood Tide Pirates in the Bargain of Blood photo ErdtakingontheBloodTidePiratesinBargainofBlood_zpsa911a4db.jpg
Erdrique taking on the Blood Tide Pirates in the Bargain of Blood.

 photo Havingfunstunninganapprentice_zps79aa3020.jpg
Erdrique fighting the apprentices in The Black Loch.

Time to discuss the war plans photo Timetodiscussthewarplans_zps47032110.jpg
Erdrique learning the battle strategy.

Checking out the Crimson Moon photo CheckingouttheCrimsonMoon_zps2a31e572.jpg
Erdrique admiring the Crimson Moon before it explodes.

Fighting the spectral enemies in the Shadow Lord photo FightingtheetheralenemiesintheShadowLord_zps7c211de7.jpg
Erdrique and Jovianus fighting the undead in the Tomb of the Shadow Lord.

For Sunday, the only questing I was able to do was a quick slayer run with Erdrique out in Sorrowdusk Isle.  This was because I had to travel back to North Carolina (I was visiting my parents out in Florida for the holiday).

Erd finishing off the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdfinishingofftheogresinSorrowdusk_zpsfa477c0f.jpg
Erdrique fighting the ogres out in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So, it was kind of a disappointing weekend .  But I did get a few things completed.  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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