So What Are These Crystals?

While running Erdrique (Level 9 Monk) through Gwylan’s Stand earlier in the week, I just happened to notice that first cave is actually lit by sum type of crystal.  In the past, I never really paid too much attention to this but for some reason I noticed this unique situation this time.  The main thing that caught my interest is that the crystals appear to be part of the natural stalagmite and stalactite structures in this cave.  In the majority of the other caves and dungeons that we are lurking through, the caves are lit by everbright lamps, sconces on the walls, or other fires.  But these crystals are just different and it made me wonder on how exactly do they work?

So how do these crystals work? photo Sohowexactlydothesecrystalswork_zps944f4843.jpgErdrique taking a second to scope out some of the crystals in the cave in Gwylan’s Stand and to wonder how they work.

I can think of a few different possibilities here.  My first thought is that these crystals are just naturally imbued with magical energies that allow them to give out light.  I’m thinking that these crystals and their natural abilities are probably well known and are therefore not really sought after.  I’m thinking this because if there were in a large demand then these large crystals wouldn’t be here just waiting to be mined, they already would have been, especially if there were located in some ruins.

My next thought is that these crystals were actually magically imbued to give out light.  So instead of having this property naturally, somebody actually “powered” these crystals to glow.  I could actually see this being a possibility.  As a cave, most adventurers would need light to be able to see.  I can see a powerful wizard/enchanter casting a powerful light spell on these crystals to provide the needed light to adequately explore the cave.

Another thought of mine was that these crystals actually have some type symbiont organism growing on them or inside minute crevices.  Something like a microscopic fungi or cyanobacteria that gives off some type of bioluminescence.  This occurs quite often in the deep regions of the open ocean and we know it occurs in the Underdark.  However, we can’t really discern whether or not this is a possibility or not with the limited interactions we have with the crystals.

Of these possibilities, I’m guessing that these crystals are just magically imbued by some type of spellcaster or by multiple spellcasters.  If these were dragonshards, they would have been collected already and if they had any innate magical abilities they would have been looted as well.  I doubt the cave is deep enough for any bioluminescence to occur as well.

In either case, the crytals are cool and add a touch of intrigue to cave, at least to me .  Just another one of those little details that keep the game interesting.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


5 thoughts on “So What Are These Crystals?

  1. They are everbright crystals, which are prominent in most caves and found all over in sconces and table fixtures. Many of the taverns in Stormreach have one or two smaller ones in a little holder on each table. If I recall the lore correctly, they were found already imbued with the magic that lit them, and were suspected to be a side effect of the cataclysm that brought down the Ring of Siberys.


    • Yeah, and that is my first thought but for reason I didn’t they would form as a part of the natural stalagmite and stalactite structure in the cave. I figured they were more like hand sized crystals or possible larger stuck in the various walls and formations but not actually part of the natural structure.


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