Taking a Look at Various Factions in Sorrowdusk Isle

My primary character, Erdrique (Level 10 Monk), is currently working his way through the Sorrowdusk Isle Explorer Area.  As a result, I wanted to take a closer look at the various factions that we encounter in our explorations in this beautiful jungle island.  In the past, I have looked at the factions that occur in Cerulean Hills, Waterworks, Tangleroot Gorge, Three Barrel Cove (Heroic), Searing Heights, and the Red Fens.  Unlike these other areas, the primary faction in Sorrowdusk Isle seem to have a much larger cultural presence than the primary factions in the other areas.  Of course this could just be my jaded perception.  Before I explain further, let’s list out the different types of enemies and/or factions we encounter in Sorrowdusk Isle:

1).  Lord Hragg, Elder Bruku, and the Grey Moon Clan
2).  Black Sun Orges (Kurmer and Barxer)
3).  Spiders (Brown spiders, darkfang, and black widows)
4).  Rhath and his scorpions
5).  Trolls (Noozer, Furley, Kremen)
6).  Vermilo and his gargoyles
7).  Cultists of the Dark Six
8).  Thanolin and Saate and their undead cultist
9).  Teargon and the hell hounds

The primary faction on Sorrowdusk Isle are the ogres.  The ogres have two primary clans, those of the ancient Grey Moon clan led by Lord Hragg and elders like Bruku and those of the Black Sun clan who have revolted against Lord Hragg and have formed an alliance with the Trolls and Cultists of the Dark Six.  These Black Sun ogres are led by Grust (who you encounter in the Iron Mines), Barxer, and Kumer.  The conversation and quest story logs our characters go through while talking to Bruku and Lord Hragg is what gives me the sense that this area has a lot more cultural significance than what we have encountered so far in the other explorer areas.  We learn that the Grey Moon have been on Sorrowdusk Isle for years and that their ancestral home has been invaded.  We also learn that ancient Temple of the Dark Six has been dormant from nearly the time the Grey Moon ogres settled on the island.  The way that Lord Hragg then reviews and reads the Libram of the Six and how he understands the rituals being conducted also suggests that the Grey Moon elders have passed these stories as folklore for generations among their young.  You just get the feeling of culture here.

Taking down the Ogres photo TakingdowntheOgres_zps0480106d.jpg
Kanndar fighting those rebellious ogres in the wilds of Sorrowdusk Isle.

Of course this culture is highly violated when Grust and his rebellious Black Sun ogres decided to overthrow Lord Hragg to take control of the Island.  Of course he can only do this by forming an alliance with the trolls.  You can tell Bruku and Lord Hragg aren’t happy about trolls inhabiting the island.  I can see the troll chieftains, primarily led by Kremen, Noozer, and Furley, creating all kinds of havoc.  Of course the trolls are just the puppets of the cultists of the Dark Six.  These humans have infiltrated the isle and have taken back control of the ancient temple and have started their evil rituals once again.  I’m guessing that the Cultists of the Dark Six convinced Grust to rebel against the Grey Moon Ogres and allowed them to use the trolls to enforce this rebellion.  Not to mention the trolls also received the ancestral home of the Grey Moon clan, taking over their caves.

Erd hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle photo ErdhuntinginSorrowduskIsle_zpsf7f79958.jpg
Erdrique exploring the ogres caves in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So the link between the three largest/most influencing factors is fraught with deals, betrayal, and anger.  Teargon and his fellow hell hounds are probably a product of the evil cultists.  We already know that the cultists are strong enough to summon mephits, it makes sense that they could also bring up the hell hounds as well to use as protectors and scouts.  Another obvious link to the cultists are the undead, lead by the wight priest Saate and the specter Thanolin.  That mortuary is where the cultists have buried their priests and is where they bring them back to life as undead servants to the Dark Six.  I’m also going to surmise that Vermilo and his gargoyles are also servants of the dark six and are also there to protect the temple and are working with/for the cultists.  Either that are they are hired mercenaries, but I’m thinking they are working with the cultists.

Erd looking for the hell hounds photo Erdlookingforhtehellhounds_zps96050864.jpg
Erdrique exploring the hell hound cave in Sorrowdusk Isle.

So now that only leaves the “natural” factions of the island.  There are two spots with lethal ambushes of scorpions in Sorrowdusk Isle.  These scorpions are natural predators of the island and it is quite clear that Rhath controls the brood.  They basically have staked out their claim and just dare anybody to venture forth.  Including the spiders.  The spiders are the other “natural” component to the island and inhabit a large “donut” area of the Isle.  I’m guessing that the darkfang spider is most likely the “leader” in this group and they also dare anybody to come too close.  These two factions are just neutral in the struggles that are occurring on the island, but they are also taking advantage of the confusion.

So those are the factions in Sorrowdusk Isle.  The island is in quite a quandary with everybody trying to vie for control.  The Grey Moon clan was been struck hard but you get the sense that they will survive, with your help.

Thanks for reading everybody.  Now take some time to explore Sorrowdusk Isle, Grey Moon, and the Cult of Six and have some taking on ogres, trolls, cultists, mephits, fire reavers, and more!!  Happy Hunting!!


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