How Closely Related are the Kar-Thul and Runetusk Ogre Tribes?

While taking Hamllin (Level 13 Fighter) through the quest, The Spawn of Whisperdoom, I couldn’t help but notice some similarities between a couple of the ogre clans.  The two ogre tribes I’m talking about are the Kar-Thul and Runetusk ogre tribes.  The Runetusk ogres are actually located in two different areas, The Restless Isles and Gianthold.  Likewise, the Kar-Thul tribe are located in the Vale of Twilight and within Whisperdoom’s Lair.  Now the similarities I noticed were between the Runetusk ogres of the Restless Isles and the Kar-Thul ogres within Whisperdoom’s Lair.  The similarities were entirely surrounded on the architecture and construction of their respective domains.

Both of these tribes tend to use an oriental themed structure to their domains.  Their hallways and passages are wide and spacious with circular arches accented with elaborate designs.  They also tend to use large circular doors to divide their rooms.  These two tribes also tend to use the same color scheme.  They also have same lighting fixtures as well as wall structure and make up.  These are evident as you explore the domains of Ghola-fan and compare those to Kar-Thul ogres in Whisperdoom’s Lair.

Hamllin noticing the similarity between Kar-Thul and Runetusk photo HamllinnoticingthesimilaritybetweenKar-thulandRunetusk_zpsb075f22e.jpg
Hamllin taking note of the similar architecture in here and in Ghola-fan’s compound on the Restless Isles.

These similarities make me wonder how close these two tribes really are.  They don’t seem to have same degree of mistrust with each other as the hobgoblins do or the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle.  It makes me wonder if they are actually following the domain a larger force and these two clans are just part of that entity.  I’m not entirely sure either way but just couldn’t help notice the similarity and wondered how they are linked.  I also realized that when I wrote this article that I missed the fact that the Kar-Thul tribe was also present in Whisperdoom’s Lair.  Another wrinkle in the lore in DDO waiting to be explored further!!  :).

That’s it for now everybody.  Thanks for reading and happy hunting!!


2 thoughts on “How Closely Related are the Kar-Thul and Runetusk Ogre Tribes?

  1. I’ve noticed that all of the ogre magi in the game draw very heavily from Japanese lore, and are shaped physically different from other ogres. Vastly different skull sizes.. makes you wonder, doesn’t it?


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