Monsters I Would Like to See in the next Manual of the Monster Manual

With each upcoming update, I look to see if there is any news for a new volume in the Monster Manual.  However, we haven’t seen any additions to this fun feature of the game in a number of updates now.  It was explained awhile back that it takes a lot of time to get new volumes of the Monster Manual in place, especially when it comes to developing the art for the monster illustrations.  The developers then mentioned that they want to keep the Monster Manual a high quality system and don’t want to rush out volumes with shoddy artwork.  Not to mention the developers have been dogged down with a number of other changes and content packs.

However, that doesn’t keep one like me from wondering and hoping which monsters will be in the next volume of the Monster Manual if/when it comes out.  There are a number of monsters/enemies I would really like to see added to the Monster Manual.  In some sense, I’m surprised that we don’t have some of these already.

The first monster I would like to see is one in the undead chapter, wights.  We encounter wights from the time we are in the low levels all the way through the higher levels.  Wights are prevalent all over the place, from appearances in Shan-to-Kor, to the Catacombs, to House Jorasco, to Sorrowdusk Isle, and the Necropolis.  We just encounter so many of these bad guys that I think it is unfortunate we don’t have them in the Monster Manual.  Even are first enemy personality, Jacoby Drexelhand, comes back to fight us as a wight.  Time to add these baddies to the Monster Manual :).

Taking on the wights photo Takingonthewights_zps8117d018.jpg
Wights would be a nice addition to the Monster Manual.

The next monster, I would have to say would be ogres.  I’m actually surprised to see trolls in the Monster Manual as opposed to ogres.  Ogres are just as prevalent as trolls, if not more so.  We come ogres in the Harbor, Market, House Quests, Sorrowdusk Isle, Gianthold, Restless Isles, and Vale of Twilight.  Hopefully the next volume will have these fellas in it.

Taking down the ogres in Grey Moon photo TakingontheogresinGreyMoon_zps4acdc9f8.jpg
Seeing some ogres in the Monster Manual would be a nice addition!!

Looking at the list of constructs, I was surprised to see that flesh golems were included in one of volumes but we didn’t get the iron defenders.  Iron defenders are another set of monsters we come across early in the game and then through the rest of our questing days well into the middle levels at least.  Iron defenders do seem to fall off later on in the game, however they are more common to run into than flesh golems.

Moving off to some of the monsters in the Sands of Menectharun, I would really like to see included the gnolls.  Starting with Sands of Menechtarun, we encounter a large group of gnolls from levels 12 to epic levels (going into the Stormhorns).  The gnolls would be a good compliment to the other monstrous humanoids.

Going back to some of the undead entries, it would be nice to see specters added.  We do have wraiths, but we don’t have specters.  We encounter specters at about the same time we encounter wraiths.  It only make sense that these guys also be present in the Monster Manual.

And perhaps the last thing I would like to see in the monster manual would be dogs/hyenas.  Another set of enemies that we encounter pretty widely throughout our levels.  These guys would be a good compliment to the wolves in the monster manual.

Those are just some of the enemies I would really like to see in the monster manual.  I can easily come up with more as I’m sure many of you can as well.  Hopefully we will see new editions of the Monster Manual within the next year.  One can always hope :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!!


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