Light Questing Weekend, December 19 to 21

Well this past weekend’s worth of questing was relatively light for me.  I didn’t do any questing on Saturday as I spent the day helping my sister-in-law into her new place.  But I did get some questing completed on Friday and Sunday.  In fact, on Friday morning I started the weekend off by taking Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter) out in the wilds of Three Barrel Cove to continue his slayers out there.  Later that afternoon, I took Erdrique (Level 11 Monk) out into the The Graverobber.  I put that particular group up in the LFM panel and was happy to see one player request to join.  So, with the help of another adventurer, we completed and destroyed the undead the Lightfoot Residence.  Later on that night, I took Erdrique out into the Ruins of Threnal and completed the quests In the Need of Supplies and The Rescue on elite and leveled Erdrique up from 10 to 11.  Although I did put up the quests in the LFM panel, I didn’t get any hits this time.  However, after I completed The Rescue, I called it a night to get some sleep for the busy day on Saturday.

laceHolderId}” alt=”Mephits in the distance in TBC photo MephitsinthedistanceinTBC_zps634e0767.jpg”>
Hamllin exploring the wilds of Three Barrel Cove.

Erdrique walking into a plethora of dread zombies photo Erdriquewalkingintoaplethoraofdreadzombies_zpsceec9b70.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Lightfoot Residence.

Black pudding champion in Threnal photo BlackPuddingchampion_zps56700bcd.jpg
Erdrique fighting a monster champion pudding…

Looking for Derward photo LookingforDerward_zps723a7e93.jpg
Erdrique looking for Derward to get him out of the excavation.

On Sunday, I took Erdrique out into the Sorrowdusk Isle and worked on some more slayers first thing in the morning.  Later that night, I logged on with Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) and decide to do the Catacombs.  I put up the group in the LFM and was surprised to get another taker.  After I completed the first quest, The Friar’s Niece, is when the second player joined me and we then took on the rest of the Catacombs completing To Find A Witness, The Old Archives, The Crypt of Gerard Dryden, Setting the Wards: The Lower Cathedral, Setting the Wards: The Patriarch’s Crypt, Endgame: Marguerite, and Endgame: Archbishop’s Fate.  I was quite happy to get it all done in a single night!!  However, after we completed that run, I called it a night.

Time to fight the spider ambush in Sorrowdusk Isle photo Timetofightthespiderambush_zps9e8f8667.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the spider ambush out in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Berann looking for the Friar's Niece photo BerannlookingfortheFriarsNiece_zpsf65d788b.jpg
Berann looking for the Friar’s niece.

A monster champion defender in To Find a Witness photo AmonsterchampionirondefenderinToFindaWitness_zpsf584c7cc.jpg
Taking on a monster champion defender in To Find a Witness.

Rummaging through the Old Archives photo RummagingthroughtheOldArchives_zps7593fd36.jpg
Rummaging around the Old Archives.

Watch the acid falchion photo Watchtheacidfalchion_zps44725560.jpg
Watch that acid falchion!!

Working our way through the Lower Cathedral photo WorkingourwaythroughtheLowerCathedral_zpsea24ff10.jpg
Berann making his way through the Lower Cathedral.

Time to hit up the Patriarch's Crypt photo TimetohitupthePatriarchsCrypt_zpsb08718c7.jpg
Time to take on the Patriarch’s Crypt.

Climbing our way out of the Catacombs photo ClimbingourwayoutoftheCatacombs_zpse1859e99.jpg
Climbing out of the Catacombs.

Time to confront the Archbishop photo Timetoconfrontthearchbiship_zpse631d6fa.jpg
Time to deal with the Archbishop.

So, although the weekend was light, it was quite productive.  I hope everybody else had a fun weekend as well.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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