One Strange Monster Champion

When one thinks of a champion for the enemy monsters or forces one typically thinks of a larger, ferocious, dangerous, and grueling enemy.  The champion is typically brutish, powerful, and cunning.  For the most part, I get this sense from the newly crowned mobs we encounter now on hard and elite difficulties in quests but while running Threnal West (In Need of Supplies) the other day with Erdrique (Level 11 Monk, although I was level 10 at the time of the quest) and came across a championed monster that I just don’t recognize as a champion of the dungeon.

Black pudding champion in Threnal photo BlackPuddingchampion_zps56700bcd.jpg
Erdrique coming across a black pudding as a monster champion in Threnal.

Now I know the above screenshot is bad as far as indicating that the black pudding being a monster champion but it was.  Unfortunately you can’t really see the crown because of the dead glass spider behind the black pudding.  I thought I had taken a better screenshot.  But in any case, the black pudding was indeed a monster champion for this instance and I just couldn’t bring myself to see this thing as a champion for the enemies in here.  I think this is the strangest monster champion I have encountered so far.  So much for seeing that brutish and cunning beast..

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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