Who is Willowthorn Lightfoot?

Late last week, one of the quests I took Erdrique (Level 11 Monk, only 10 at the time) was The Graverobber in House Jorasco.  As I was working my way through the quest, I came across a very rare specter, Willowthorn Lightfoot.  Although I take all of my characters through this quest, I very rarely come across this orange named specter and I wondered about who this enemy actually was.

The goal of the quest for the Graverobber is to investigate a halfling named Deathshadown Lightfoot because it is thought that he might be stealing bodies from the graves in House Jorasco to practice the arts of necromancy.  Of course this shouldn’t be too surprising with a name such as Deathshadow, which I’m guessing is more of a nickname as opposed to his actual true name.  In either case, it is easy surmise that Willowthorn is one of Deathshadow’s relatives.  However, we don’t really have any clues as to which relative it is.  Is Willowthorn Deathshadow’s father?  Grandfather? Brother?

Who is Willothorn Lightfoot photo WhoisWillowthornLightfoot_zps0ca51a16.jpg
Erdrique wondering who exactly is Willowthorn Lightfoot.

The logical to thing to think would be that Willowthorn is Deathshadow’s father.  One could easily see how a son would pick up after the studies of his father and it could be that Willowthorn had already been powerful enough to cast a necromantic spell that would allow him to rise as a specter when he passed away.  Another theory could also be that Deathshadow started studying the necromantic arts when his father fell ill (assuming of course that his father did fall ill) and that he learned enough to raise his father as a specter.

However, I’m more inclined to think that Willowthorn might have been a sibling.  Perhaps Willowthorn and Deathshadow were just very eccentric brothers who recently moved into the House Jorasco Ward in order to further their collective studies of the necromantic arts.  Lord knows that House Jorasco and Delera’s Graveyard appears to be a stopping ground for necromancers.  I can easily this pair working together to develop their necromantic skills and that something went wrong during their studies killing Willowthorn in the process but allowing Deathshadow to bring him back as an undead warrior.

Hm, there are many other possibilities as well.  It would be interesting to see or learn more about this family.  For now, the identity of Willowthorn and how he is connected to Deathshadow will remain a mystery.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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