Enemy Profile-Commander Naehengh

It has been a little while since I decided to write an enemy profile so I figured today I would take another look at an enemy from the Sands of Menechtarun that I encountered with Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter).  The enemy I wanted to take a glance at is located in the quest, Maraud the Mines.  Maraud the Mines is one of the walk-up quest in the Sands of Menechtarun not far away from the entrance to the Firebrand Mountain pathway that leads to the Burning City.  The enemy I’m of thinking is Commander Naehengh.

Hamllin fighting Commander Naehengh photo HamllinfightingCommanderNeahengh_zpse8442f04.jpg
Hamllin fighting Commander Naehengh in Firebrand Mines.

Commander Naehengh is a pretty ruthless firebrand gnoll.  In my experience, she is a rather obscure spawn and I was kind of surprised to see him during my run through here this go round.  She is typically located off of the main room in one of the side tunnels and is typically encountered with a few of her other firebrand buddies.  Like other firebrand gnoll commanders, she is heavily armored and has a viciously wicked scimitar.  Using the notes from the DDO Wiki, besides her primary attack with her scimitar she can also shield bash and bite and she can range with a longbow if she feels the need.  Her bite can deliver the disease, Bogish Rot.

Like other firebrand gnolls, Commander Naehengh has fire resistance, making attacks with flaming weapons and spells less effective.  Pure good and holy attacks, as well as lawful based alignment spells work pretty well against her.  When you are battling her and the minions surrounding her, don’t take the encounter lightly.  She can hit pretty hard and is a gruesome opponent.  If you can pull it off, it is generally safer to either grab only her attention or her minion’s attention that way you can deal with them independently making the entire encounter easier.

In any case, this she-gnoll is an interesting encounter.  I don’t get her to spawn very often and I was glad to see her show up during this particular run.  She is a good prep encounter for the general at the end of the quest.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Sands of Menechtarun!!


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