The Joys of Holding Levels

A common thing for me to do these days is to “hold a level.”  This isn’t an uncommon thing to do, especially for players who are taking their characters through Heroic True Reincarnations.  The idea to “hold a level” (probably better known as “banking a level”) is to allow your character to continue to gain maximum experience from quests that they would have typically “leveled” out of.  This basically helps you to maximize the amount of experience you can gain as you progress forward.  In many cases, it helps to extend bravery streaks.

So for example let’s say I took a character who is currently level 6 and I just received enough experience to move onto level 7.  Instead of heading straight to the trainer I hold off and continue questing.  This will still allow me to do any level 4 quests on elite (making them level 6) and allowing me to continue a bravery bonus streak for those that I still haven’t completed.  You can continue this method of questing and earning experience until you are one experience point away from hitting level 8.  At that point, any experience you gain is actually lost as the game won’t credit you anymore until you level (there are some rare occasions to this such as earning experience from a monster manual award or from experience gems from daily dice).  So this is where the trick comes in, remembering to level at this point and not losing experience and not leveling too early as to lower your efficiency at gaining experience.  It never fails that at some point I will forget about this transition with my characters.

This happened to me recently with one of my premium account characters, Containment (Level 6 Cleric).  Now Containment is not a reincarnated character and I don’t really need to worry about holding levels and maximizing experience, especially since it is hard for him to start a streak since I can’t open quests directly on elite.  However, I like to be consistent with my leveling to make things easier when I play my characters so I just “bank” levels on all of my characters.  At the time I was level 5 and I was at rank 30 (as the screenshot below shows) and I was running Waterworks with another guildie.  Now at this point, Containment had enough experience to level up to 6 and was rapidly approaching the one point until level 7 threshold of no more experience gain.  Of course, I wasn’t paying much attention to this and we continued on our questing.

Looking for Arlos photo LookingforArlos_zps367493d6.jpg
Containment rapidly approaching his experience threshold in Waterworks.

We finished the quest Rescuing Arlos on elite where I earned nearly 6,000 experience points.  Now if you look at the above screenshot you will see I needed less than 6,000 experience points to hit that one point before level 7 threshold.  How can you tell this?  Well if you notice that although I’m level 5, the experience bar also shows that I’m at rank 30.  Rank 30 is actually the last rank of level 6, which means that starting at rank 31 I have hit Level 7.  Luckily, for me, I needed to recall as well as my guildie, to dump and sell off our inventory and it was at this point that I realized I hit that cap threshold.

Luckily for me I didn’t miss/lose much experience.  To be honest it was timed pretty well because if I had leveled earlier before we took on Rescuing Arlos I wouldn’t have gained as much experience upon its completion.  However, the trick here was noticing that I was ready to level, making this the key to the “joys of holding levels.”  I typically find myself completing a quest to realize that I only gained half of the experience from the quest because I hit the cap.  When holding levels also keep tabs on your experience points and action points to stay on top of this cap!!  I like to think I stay on top of this, but I hate to admit that I tend to miss this mark more than I would like :P.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!  And remember to keep on eye on that experience as you continue to hold off levels but continue to quest!!

4 thoughts on “The Joys of Holding Levels

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