A Look at The Tomb of the Shadow King

The series of quests in the Necropolis II Pack are quite interesting and can be quite annoying.  These quests include Tomb of the Shadow Guard, Tomb of the Shadow Lord, Tomb of the Shadow Knight, Tomb of the Shadow King, and The Shadow Crypt.  The previous four quests are needed to flag and unlock the last quest, The Shadow Crypt.  The four flagging quests are all level 8 on normal with the Shadow Crypt being level 9 on normal.  All of these quests are known for having a large amount of incorporeal enemies (wraiths, specters, shadows, umbral gargoyles, umbral worgs), the addition of phase spiders, some irritating and complicated tomb layouts, and mummy bosses.  Each one of these quests has some annoying but interesting mechanic that makes it stand out from the rest.  The quest I want to focus on this time is the Tomb of the Shadow King.

 photo WorkingthroughthehallsinShadowKing_zps0090ee96.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the tunnels of the tomb of the Shadow King.

Awhile back, I wrote up an article about the horrors of this quest when it first released.  The Tomb of the Shadow King is bestowed by Samir Sirka who is located close to the farshifter in the lower Necropolis staging area.  Like all of the other Shadow quests, the Shadow King is filled with wraiths   (shrouded terrors, shrouded terror mages), specters (drifting scourge, drifting scourge mages), phase spiders, shadows, umbral gargoyles, umbral worgs, and invisible stalkers.  Like the other Shadow quests, having a plethora of lesser restoration potions, ghost touch weapons, and deathward/deathblock items are extremely beneficial to have.  There are also a few optional rare encounters as well.

 photo FightingmoreandmoreintheShadowKing_zpsf8dca2a1.jpg
Erdrique making his way through the Tomb of the Shadow King.

To complete the Shadow King, you need to destroy the mummy guarding, Nsu.  However, Nsu will only awaken once all of the torches that are littered throughout the tomb are extinguished as well as the two light guardians are killed.  One of the light guardians is Waine Brousch, a wraith, while the other is a specter named Rudi Sparn.  To extinguish a flame you simply need to click on it.  All told there are 16 torches spread throughout the tomb that need to be extinguished.  When you first enter the quest and speak to the Shadow King, you will feather fall to the bottom level and make your way through the tomb.  This is where the tomb of Nsu is located.  As soon as you reach the bottom you are attached by two invisible stalkers.  One thing to remember here, don’t forget to extinguish the first torch which isn’t far from Nsu’s coffin.  I have done this more times than I like to admit…argh.  Once you take out the invisible stalkers and extinguish the first torch the real fun begins.

 photo DealingwithWraithsinShadowKing_zpsd70d27ba.jpg
A common issue you deal with in all of the Shadow quests is stat damage.

This quest is known for two things, at least too me.  One the annoying concentric map and two the constant respawns.  You can’t diddle dwaddle through this quest.  If you do, you will be overwhelmed by respawns.  The map is essentially a square that is divided by concentric circles.  You need to make your way around the outer circle first and extinguish all of the torches located here.  You then move into the inner the circle and extinguish those torches.  One you make your way through the inner circle, you will then move your way through the breakable doors that will lead to either the north or south of the map.  The breakable doors that take you to the north and south will also lead you to the center of the tomb where you will encounter a small room with two rest and resurrection shrines.  This room also contains two levers that open the doors to the east and the west.

 photo TheShrineroominShadowKing_zps4a15f64e.jpg
In the center of the tomb, small room with two shrines and levers.

At this point you should have 6 torches left to extinguish.  Three of these will be located at the northern end of the map, as well as one of the light guardians, and the other three will be located at the southern end of the map, as well as the second light guardian.  When you get to the northern or southern rooms you will encounter a fight with a single torch to extinguish.  You will also notice that there are some banners hanging on the walls in these rooms.  These banners are important because they are indicating entrance to hidden doors that lead to the rest of the torches.  You basically run through the walls covered by these banners and make your way to next torch.  Once you extinguish these torches you need to make your way back to the mummy.

 photo Themarkedpassagesinshadowking_zps53056829.jpg
One of the banners indicating a hidden door/wall that leads to more torches.

As I mentioned earlier, you want to move to slowly through this quest.  You want to maintain a steady pace through here and drag the enemies to each torch.  One thing about the torches is that they actually provide you assistance when you fight the enemies.  They will essentially act as a curse to all of the undead mobs creating a debuff on them.  You should continue to fight your way to each torch, being careful to not raise your dungeon alert and to be especially careful with the advent of monster champions when working on hard or elite.  Having a caster with firewall is very beneficial in here because of this.  Also be aware of annoying traps in the outer circle, usually they are dart traps of some kind.

 photo WaineBrouschinShadowKing_zpsdf5428ee.jpg
Taking on one of the light guardians.

After you extinguish all of the torches you need to make your way back to the beginning of the tomb, which is all way back to the west.  Now, the initial idea for this quest is for the part to drag Nsu all the way to the east, leaving members of the party in the shrine room to open up the doors as you near the center to pass through it, where Nsu will be susceptible to a special light that the party can activate to make him easier to slay.  In actuality though, you can take out Nsu as soon as he comes out of his coffin, and you don’t have to worry about dragging him all the way across the dungeon and picking up respawns and other enemies.  However, after you kill him, you do need to make your way back to the east if you want to get the chests his death awards you with.

 photo FightingNsuinShadowKing_zps239e1bdb.jpg
Erdrique taking on Nsu at his crypt.

Overall, the Shadow King can be extremely tough if you don’t prepare for it.  The constant stat drains from the incorporeal undead enemies can be extremely annoying and the respawns just aren’t that much fun to deal with.  However, if you learn and understand the spawn rate you should be able to move through the quest fairly easily.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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