A Look Back at 2014

I had a fun time in DDO over the last year.  DDOCast Episdoe 364 took a look back all of the releases and updates for DDO during 2014 and that inspired me to take a closer look at what I had accomplished within the game.  For awhile, I have been keeping track of a number of statistics of my gaming and I figured it might be fun to summarize them.

Taking a look at the number of quests I ran across all of my characters from January until today (December 30, 2014), I ran a total of 1,472 quests.  This includes slayer runs in adventure areas and also includes attempts where I failed.  When I broke the number of quests down by month, I ran the most quests in October (187) and the least in July (71).  This corresponds pretty well with the fact that I was on vacation in the middle of July for nearly two weeks.  A plot by month shows that the majority of questing occurred in the Fall and early Winter.  It looks like I averaged just over 4 quests per day for the year.  The highest number of quests I got through in a single day was 17, which was due to running Erdrique through a number of the Korthos quests after a heroic true reincarnation.

 photo 2014QuestNumber_zps727c5223.jpg
Total number of quests by month I ran during 2014.

Taking a closer look at the total amount of experience I gained during those quests from 2014, I earned 11,569,871 experience.  I averaged about 7,800 experience per quest run.  Looking at the same trend as I did above for the number of quests, the largest amount of experience I earned was during the month of August where I earned over 1,300,000 experience, which was probably because I did more higher level questing during that month.  My least productive month was July, again not too surprising.

 photo 2014Experience_zpsd2772c96.jpg
Total amount of experience I earned per month.

Taking a look at number of quests I ran by character, it isn’t any real surprise to see that my questing was dominated by runs with Erdrique and then followed up by Hamllin.  Here are the number of quests I ran by character during 2014.

 photo 2014QuestByCharacter_zpsb8ad11cd.jpg
Total number of quests I ran by character in 2014.

Taking a broader look back at 2014, I moved Erdrique through a druid life and mostly through a monk life.  I also progressed Hamllin up to level 14 in his second life as a fighter and then I created two new characters, Berann and Cannock, as well.  I haven’t started any epic or iconic reincarnations as of yet.  My highest level characters are Wapoyei and Rimuldar who are both level 23 and they are chugging along :).

Overall, it was a pretty good year.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting and happy New Year!!


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