Questing into the New Year, Quest Runs December 29th to January 1st

Over the holiday vacation I did everything I could to take advantage of the 10% Experience boost and the additional 10% Experience VIP boost by running a number of quests with Erdrique (Level 14 Monk).  However, since I was on vacation my questing activities were out of the box than my typical morning slayer, afternoon quest after work, and then my nightly questing during the week.  On Monday, I still needed a few level 8 quests to complete so I took Erdrique into the Caverns of Korrmar first and took care of all of the undead and outsiders found in this House Kundarak dig site having little issues.  I then took Erdrique over to House Jorasco to take on more undead and Xoriat zealots in the Path to Madness to Xorian Cipher.  I did get a little frustrated while running the Xorian Cipher when I was disconnected just before I entered the final fight.  I did everything I could to get back into the server but the game had already ported me to House Jorasco.  Needless to say I headed back inside and completed it.  To complete it I brought with me a few hirelings.  I then moved over to House Phiarlan to do the Faithful Departed.  I guess the theme of dealing with more drow and undead was just something I wanted to continmue :).  In either case, I completed it with little problems on elite.

Erd fighting the undead in Caverns of the Korromar photo ErdfightingtheundeadinCaversofKorromar_zpscc2dfbba.jpg
Erdrique toying with the undead in the Caverns of Korromar.

Time to Traverse the Path to Madness photo TimetotraversethePathtoMadness_zpsf0ada33e.jpg
Erdrique working his way through the Path to Madness.

Erd fighting in the Xorian Cipher photo ErdfightingintheXorianCipher_zps9b79703a.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the chaos in Xorian Cipher.

Fighting in the Tomb of the Ancients photo FightingintheTomboftheAncients_zpsacc4e140.jpg
Battling the scorrow in the Tomb of the Ancients.

Later on Monday night, I joined with my friends to do our digital table top session.  While we were struggling with some formatting and connection issues with a new version of Maptool, I took the downtime to run the Tharashk Arena.  Then after we finished our session, I continued in the VON series and took Erdrique into The Prisoner, the Gateway to Khyber, The Jungle of Khyber, and Haywire Foundry.  Needless to say, I earned a very amount of experience completing all of the VON quests on elite :).  I went to bed after I got through Haywire Foundry (VON 4).

Prepping for the champions to be coming in VON 1 photo PreppingforthechampionsinVON1_zps54044b13.jpg
Preparing for the upcoming battle with these champions in VON 1.

Climbing up the ladder to the aracane oozes in the Prisoner photo ClimbinguptheladdertoarcaneoozesinthePrisoner_zps62425944.jpg
Erdrique crawling up the ladder to the arcane oozes in the Prisoner.

Erd hunting the trolls in the Blackheart Encampment photo ErdhuntingthetrollsintheBlackheartEncampment_zpsa18f8905.jpg
Erdrique in the midst of the Blackheart Encampment.

Eerie sculpture in the Jungles of Khyber photo EeriesculptureinJunglesofKhyber_zps3c8ea598.jpg
Eerie sculpture in the Jungles of Khyber.

These furnaces don't look like fun photo Thesefurnacesdontlooklikefun_zpsa4150f86.jpg
These furnaces just don’t look like they are a good thing.

Tuesday, I took Erdrique back out hunting and took him into the Cult of the Six.  While there, I took him head on into the cultists, mephits, and wights of the wicked cult.  While out there I completed The Temple Outpost: Captives of the Cult, The Temple Outpost: The Libram of the Six, The Fane of the Six: Cleansing the Temple, The Fane of the Six: Fall of the Prelate, and the Sanctum: Quench the Flames, leaving only the last quest for me to complete the storyarc.  I had to travel back from Florida to North Carolina on New Year’s Eve and logged out at that point to get some sleep.

Working to free the ogres photo WorkingtofreetheOgres_zps914c36bb.jpg
Erdrique working to free the ogres.

Fighting for the Libram photo FightingfortheLibram_zpsb8384794.jpg
Erdrique battling for the Libram.

Taking on a champion warrior of the six in Cleansing the Temple photo TakingonachampionwarrioroftheSixinCleansingtheTemple_zpsab9f9b67.jpg
Erdrique fighting a champion of the Cult of the Six in Cleansing the Temple.

Fighting the mephits in the fall of the Prelate photo FightingthemephitsinthefallofthePrelate_zpsd2ff8f8b.jpg
Dealing with the numerous mephits on the way to take out the Prelate.

Erd dealing with more mephits in Quench the Flames photo ErddealingwithmoremephitsinQuenchtheFlames_zps2f6c8537.jpg
Erdrique dealing with even more mephits in Quench the Flames.

During New Year’s Eve, I didn’t log in as I was traveling from the early morning to late afternoon and then my wife and I headed out to dinner and then to my sister-in-laws to celebrate the coming of the New Year.  But on Thursday, I took advantage of having the day off and logged Erdrique back in to battle the Cultists of the Six in The Sanctum:Church of the Fury and to complete that storyarc.  I then took him through the Cannith Challenging Lava Caves: Circles of Power and then out to the Red Fens to battle the forces of the sahaugin in The Last Stand and Fathom of the Depths.  I actually had some difficulty in The Last Stand at first, as the champions that spawned overwhelmed me and my hireling and I couldn’t keep Viercha alive.  However, one I brought in one additional hireling into the quest with me, I had little difficulty.

Fighting a nasty drow scorpion in Church of the Fury photo FightinganastydrowscorpioninChurchoftheFury_zps0bc67a47.jpg
Erdrique battling a vicious drow scorpion in the Church and the Fury.

Erd dealing with the scorpions in the Circles of Power photo ErddealingwiththescorpionsinCirclesofPower_zpsdc8197ce.jpg
Erdrique dealing with the many scorpions in Circles of Power.

Taking down Vyx Ka in the Red Fens photo TakingdownVyxKaintheRedFens_zpsa257e999.jpg
Erd coming across the ruins of the Raveneye Village and Vyx Ka.

Working to protect Etterys photo WorkingtoproteEtterys_zps936a4d31.jpg
Erdrique working to protect the Raveneye Elder.

Interesting view from inside the Ziggurat photo InterestingviewfrominsidetheZiggurat_zps995395f9.jpg
Erdrique admiring the view from inside the Ziggurat.

During that time I moved Erdrique up from level 11 to 13, with an excellent start into level 14 (which I hit over the weekend).  So it was a nice set of questing and that was quite productive for me concerning Erdrique as I started out 2015.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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