Kolll’s Journal-The Tide Turns

Quest:  The Tide Turns
Difficult: Epic Normal
Crawlers: Kolll, Rameses

After making our way through the Blood Tide pirates on Mistral Island, we reported back to Taggert d’Deneith.  Taggert commended us on a job well done concerning the trouble with the Blood Tide pirates and then mentioned that another difficult situation has arisen.  He insisted that we talk to General Geiger d’Deneith about the next steps in eliminating the Blood Tide threat once and for all.

When Rameses and I met up with Greiger, he was rather glad to see us.  He told us he would inform us of the plan once we got into the tower.  However, those plans were never fully discussed.  Evidently Captain Tew and his Blood Tide pirates had invaded the Sentinel Tower from their airship, the Crimson Moon.  Greiger intercepted us on our way into the tower and told us what had happened.  Evidently Captain Tew took the House Deneith guards by surprise, which was extremely frustrating to Greiger, but he didn’t want to discuss those issues at the moment.  Instead he wanted myself and Rameses to head into the Tower to take on his forces and to confront him directly.

Rameses and I had hired a few hands to help us and we also brought forth our two mystical black panthers as well.  Needless to say we had a formidable fighting force.  We left Greiger at the entrance to the tower to help deal with his wounded soldiers and he headed in.  When we got around the first bend of the tower and entered the primary hall area, we were quickly assaulted by the Blood Tide Forces.  We were attacked immediately by archers and then were quickly engaged by melee combatants as well as a spell caster.

The onyx panthers quickly went to work and engaged the melee combatants while Rameses and myself showed what it mean to be a real archer.  It didn’t take us very long to take down the initial rush of enemies on the ground floor but we heard some more enemies coming down the ramp and we quickly prepared for another fight.  Our panther moved swiftly up the ramp and started to fight the oncoming forces.  Rameses and myself were right behind.  We were soon able to defeat the initial attackers and then we were greeted by Captain Tew himself.  He basically taunted us behind the security of a force shield.  He then told us anything we do is basically useless and then took off to get to the top of the tower.

We started to make our back when Geiger met us on the ramp to the upper levels.  He was extremely irritated and frustrated.  He told us there was another way to get access to the top of the tower and ordered us to give pursuit and to take down Captain Tew.  Rameses and I headed off to the other side of the tower to look for these access shafts and tunnels that Geiger mentioned.  It didn’t take us long to run into a few other Blood Tide Pirate patrols.  We were immediately engaged by a few Blood Tide pirates and sharpshooters.  Our the onyx panthers rushed forward, as Rameses and myself tried to see who get more arrows into them.  After we took out these initial Blood Tide forces, the hallway split to the North and to the South.  We headed up to the north path and cleared out a few more pirates until we hit a closed door.  We opened the door and were quickly surprised to be attacked but zombie pirates.  Looks like Dheren Keutec and his teachings made it out of the Black Loch.  We took care of these abominations but the room was a dead end so we made our way down the southern path.

On our way we encountered one more of the Blood Tide in front of another steel door.  We quickly took care of the pirate and moved into the room.  The room appeared to be a weapons cache and there some more of Captain Tew’s crew in this room as well, including a sorcerer who was commenting to a hobgoblin that she could sense a secret passage away behind the way.  I assumed it was the passage way that Greigur was talking about.  However, the sorcerer stopped searching when we barreled into the room and Rameses and I were ready for the assault.  Rameses had switched fighting techniques and rushed in with two longswords gleaming while fired away from a distance.  Our panthers were quick to join into the mix.  Before long, the enemy spellcaster and her protectors were defeated.

We then heard some noise from the opposite wall and a door slid open.  Behind the door was a survivor from the initial assault.  He thanked us for our help and told us that the nearby value would open the passage way through the secret tunnels of the House Deneith Tower, the passage that Greiger was indeed talking about.  We opened up the valve and headed back into the primary room and into the secret passage.

It was quite evident that the secret passage hadn’t been used for quite some time.  It was covered in dust and the air was stale.  Rameses and I, along with the rest of our makeshift party, started to make our way through the tight tunnel passage.  We encountered a few rats that wanted to try to hound us but we quickly dispatched with them and made it a large room with various pipes and valves.  It became evident that these valves were needed to activate the runes to open up a door that would allow us to progress further into the tunnel.  It took as some time to climb the various and pipes, and to locate all of the levers, but we did succeed and pressed forward.  We encountered some more annoying vermin but eventually we made it into the plush office of the House Deneith chief accountant.

It was good to be finally out of the grimy tunnels.  The chief accountant’s office was relatively small with a huge map of Stormreach sprawled out across the wall.  The room had a nice desk and a large bench.  Not to mention it had a nice rest shrine area.  This would be a good place to double back to rest if needed.

As soon as we opened the door to continue our mission to deactivate the force shield that Captain Tew put up we were immediately assaulted by a Blood Tide sorceress and a ferocious hobgoblin.  It looks like we just made our way to the chief accountant’s office before it was pillaged.  After we took out the sorceress and her guardians we continued to the east and made our way through the next door.  We took a couple of steps and quickly realized that this hallway was going to be a little interesting to make it through as fire traps erupted from the side walls.  It appears that House Deneith has a number of security measures that weren’t passed on to us.  I will have to thank Greiger for giving us a warning.

To make matters worse, the Blood Tide forces were stationed just behind the traps forcing us to nimbly move our way through the traps to engage the forces.  The first set of traps were potent fire traps and blades.  Before we took off, we decided to use the traps to the best of our advantage and started to shoot the enemy from the opposite side of the traps to lure them to us instead.  That worked to a point but then the enemy archers decided to shoot back, at which point Rameses and I decided to teach the enemy how to navigate some dangerous traps.  We quickly moved our through the fire traps, while dodging blade traps from the floor and took the enemy head on.  Once we cleared the room we headed east and rescued a trapped Deneith guard and then headed back to the south.

The southern hallway was also trapped.  However, it was opposite to those in the previous hallway, blowing ice down from above instead of acid.  Oh, and this time there were blades extending from the walls instead of the floor.  We made our way through the traps and found ourselves on the other side of the magical barrier, exactly where Captain had been a little while ago.  We quickly engaged the forces here and at the same time lowered the barrier.  As soon the barrier dropped, we heard the celebratory cheers from Greigur’s men below who then engaged the enemy as well.  However, the victory was short lived because Captain was nowhere to be found.

Rameses and I then continued further up the tower.  As we made our way to the door that lead to the higher levels we can across some more the House Deneith’s lovely traps, this times with streaks of lightning arcing every which way.  It took all of the nimbleness we had, but we did make it past the traps only to be assault by more of Captain Tew’s crew.  This time the ranks included some annoying kobolds, a sorceress, and a number of backup pirates.  We continued on after we dispatched with these forces up a steep incline into the upper reaches of the tower.  Once again we can across some more traps but luckily these traps were triggered with a delay and we made it past them without any injuries.  However, the scene at the top of the run wasn’t pretty.

We entered into a central room of the tower where we saw a number of the Blood Tide pilfering a number of House Deneith guards.  We quickly came to action and swooped down on the pirates before they fully realized what was happening.  As usual, they had a strong spell caster and a shaman with them and these were the two I targeted first.  After ferocious battle we learned that their two more sets of pirates further on this floor of the tower and that we could seal them in the rooms they were looting if we could activate the control levers.  So we took off towards the southern control lever to the barricade.  The control lever was in a small room that was guarded by two hobgoblin pirates that we took out quickly.  We then entered the room only to find another Blood Tide sorceress and her minotaur body guard.  While Rameses was distracting them I activated the lever and smiled to myself as I heard the complaints and yells of surprise from the trapped pirates down the hallway.  We then finished off the pirates in the room and then headed north.

As we were heading down the north passage we came across some more the Blood Tide pirates and another sorceress.  I have to admit, Captain Tew seems to like his sorceresses.  With the help our black panthers and our mercenaries, we easily took them out and entered the room with the control lever.  Inside the room we encountered one of the necromantic apprentices along with a Blood Tide spy.  They seemed to be guarding the lever to make sure the other pirates could loot the respective rooms.  We quickly used the element of surprise and attacked the pirates before they had a chance to realize we were there.  The element of surprise worked and we quickly overwhelmed the pirates and activated the lever, sealing the others in their room.

After the sealing the looting party in the northern wing, Rameses and I continued to head to the top of the tower.  We ran into another small force in the final hallway leading to the top of the tower.  This small force consisted of a few drow and a single hobgoblin pirate.  We powered our way past them and exited to the top of the tower.  As you can imagine, there were more Blood Tide forces at the top of the tower.  As soon Ramses and I reached the tower we were assailed by the Blood Tide.   We noticed that a number of Blood Tide archers and pirates stationed around each bend.  It didn’t take long for the them to realize we were at the top of the tower but before they could react we were already firing our bows and our panthers were already springing to the attack.

As we made our way around the tower we noticed the flag vessel for the Blood Tide pirates and Captiain Tew.  The airship, Crimson Moon, was just outside of the tower hovering around its apex.  It was a gruesome sight indeed with the outer ring and sales dripped in blood red coloring.  As we rounded the top of the tower we heard something calling out to us.  We also found more of the Blood Tide hiding in wait to attempt to ambush us.  I quickly fired upon yet another sorceress and Rameses quickly followed.  The surprise attack was on them during this instance and we quickly eliminated them.  We then approached the source of the voice calling out to us and we noticed a halfling, Norbert Visbane, cowering close to some debris and telling us that we needed to activate his device if we wanted any chance at taking out the Crimson Moon.  With nothing to lose, I went ahead and through the lever and wasn’t quite prepared for what I was going to see next.

A large fire elemental sprang forth from the machine and immediately was drawn toward the Crimson Moon.  The fire elemental could sense the bound spirit of its brethren and couldn’t resist the urge to help free him.  Rameses and I watched as the fire elemental made its way to the Crimson Moon and penetrated its hull with its fiery explosions.  The shrieks and wails from the Crimson Moon were something I will never forget as the fire elemental slowly destroyed the magnificent airship.  The Crimson Moon began to list and to spin and then it erupted into a huge ball of flames.  The next thing we heard was a horrible screech as Captain Tew bellowed on seeing his precious flagship going up in flames and demanded that we finish this encounter once and for all at the top of the tower.  We then watched as he took off and more of the Blood Tide came to his defense.

Rameses and I, along with our panthers and mercenaries, headed off after Captain Tew.  The few Blood Tide Captain Tew had left behind we quickly defeated.  We entered the highest room of the tower and it didn’t take very long for Captain Tew to attack.  Along with him was a sorceresess, a hobgoblin pirate, and a drow archer.  I immediately went after the sorceress and took her out while the panthers get Captain Tew busy.  Rameses and I then took out the hobgoblin pirate and the archer and then we focused our attention solely on Captain Tew.  I have to admit, Captain Tew definitely lived up to his reputation.  He was definitely a skilled combatant and held his own against us for quite some time.  Eventually, he did fall to our relentless attacks.

But when he fell something else occurred that we weren’t quite expecting.  His pet rat shrieked out in rage and then started to transform.  Before we knew it, standing before us was a huge ogre magi named Ahraatz-ri.  Evidently Captain Tew was just Ahraatz-ri’s pawn, and the ogre magi was the one who really was in control of the Blood Tide.  To make the fight even more problematic, a pair of water elementals sprang forth to support the bloodthirsty ogre.  The fighting was vicious.  The ogre magi’s natural healing ability made it difficult for us to take him down and the water elementals weren’t helping.  Eventually the water elementals were defeated just leaving the ogre magi himself.  He eventually disappeared, making us believe he teleported elsewhere.  Just as we were getting ready to investigate the disappearance further, he reappeared and attacked with a new ferocity.  However, he didn’t have any more help to support him, which allowed all of us to focus our attacks.  Our combined efforts were too much for him and he eventually succumbed to our assault.

We then made our way back down the tower and told Geigur of our success.  He was extremely impressed with our abilities and still embarrassed about how the tower was taken.  In either case, we liberated it and now the Blood Tide are broken.  I just wonder what our next adventure will be.


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