A Closer Look at the Quest Red Fang the Unruled

One of the “classic” low level quests our adventurers will encounter is called Redfang the Unruled.  Redfang the Unruled is a level 3 quest on normal and is located in the Stormreach Marketbplace, not faraway at all from the Rusty Nail.  A halfling (I believe he is a halfling) named Basil Tallbarrow is the quest bestower.  Upon speaking to Basil, you learn that he was experimenting on a spider, named Red Fang, and his experiments went awry when Red Fang escaped and ventured down into a sub basement that Basil didn’t even realize was part of his dwelling.  He has asked for some help in eliminating the monstrosity he created and that has escaped.

Basil hands out the quest for Red Fang the Unruled photo BasilhandsoutthequestRedFang_zps89000029.jpg
Basil Tallbarrow sitting outside his residence looking for some help to deal with Red Fang.

Even though Red Fang the Unruled isn’t a high level quest, it is actually a pretty difficult quest at level.  It has a number of aspects that our adventurers will encounter later on in their questing careers.  These include tough enemies, traps, dropping down passages that you can’t make you way back up through, secret doors, and a multi-tiered map.  Its also an excellent testing ground for our lower level characters.

As you can imagine, the monster that you encounter are primarily various forms of spiders and scorpions.  You will encounter large brown spiders, baby glass spiders and egg sacs, black widow spiders and large monstrous scorpions.  Basil has already told us that he conducts magic experiments to enhance the poisons and other abilities of various creatures, so it isn’t surprising that we also encounter a few other monsters as well, generally in the form of optional orange named enemies.  These include Goliath (a gargoyle), Tarnish (a rust monster), Vyragon (a troll), Venom (a brown spiders), and Bile (a scorpion).  All of these, except for the troll, I can very easily see Barrow using to experiment on.  Although when you turn in the poison sacks for Venom and Bile, he hypothesis that these were the spawn of his earlier experiments and not from his own hand.  I also wonder about the troll.  I just have the feeling that this troll was here the entire time before Basil moved in.  While running this quest on elite, dealing with spiders and scorpions is a good test for the sturdiness of your characters as these monster types are known to be pretty brutal on this difficulty.

Venom is another rare photo Venomisanotherrare_zpsd0ba3617.jpgBattling Venom, an optional name in Red Fang.

Geat a spider champion in Red Fang photo GreatspiderchampioninRedfang_zps8f02be3d.jpg
Time to deal with a brown spider monster champion in Red Fang on elite.

Bile another another rare in Red Fang and a champion photo BileanotherrareinRedFangandachampionthistime_zpsf79094b5.jpg
Bile is another of the optionals in Red Fang.

Goliath rare in Red Fang photo GoliatharareinRedFang_zpsbbd9df39.jpg
Goliath, a optional named gargoyle in the Red Fang.

Besides dealing with the vicious vermin in Red Fang, you also have to deal with the basement layout and its potential dangers.  First off, the sub-basement to Basil’s dwelling is littered with traps.  Since he didn’t know about the sub-basement to begin with, I would like to believe he simply didn’t worn you of the traps because he didn’t know they were there but then again I wonder.  In any case, as soon as you go around the first bend, you deal with a flaming jet trap.  Other traps include annoying spike traps placed in front of doorways and levers, more flaming jet traps, and powerful poison traps.  The poison traps are particularly dangerous as there is one room in the middle quest that is littered with them and they can pretty quickly eliminate a character or a party.  Speaking of poison, it isn’t uncommon to be poisoned almost in entirety throughout this quest because of the spiders, egg sacs, and scorpions.  Another challenge on the layout, is that there are two drops that can be potentially disastrous for those without feather fall or who miss a drop from the ladders.  Also, when you hit the second drop point, you won’t be able to go back up the drop as you won’t be able to reach the platform you dropped from.  This is important because the only shrine in the quest is located just before this drop off, so if you need to shrine do it at that time.  Also, with the egg sacs, you can destroy them with a ranged weapon to help decrease the about of time you spend poisoned.

A lot of Poison photo Alotofpoison_zps4bb99162.jpg
A common symbol you see above your head in Red Fang is the poisoned symbol.

Red Fang is known for its traps photo RefFangisknownforsometraps_zps174c0d8d.jpg
Staring at the first of a plethora of traps in the quest Red Fang.

Spike traps this time photo Spiketrapsthistime_zps0ecde5e8.jpg
Having to deal with spike traps this time.

Plenty of ladders and egg sacs photo Plentyofladdersandeggsacs_zps779ae964.jpg
Lease egg sacs are responsible for a large amount of poisoning and the baby glass spiders if not destroyed from afar.

The only shrine photo Theonlyshrine_zps21027643.jpg
The only shrine in Red Fang.

The usual room of death photo Theusualroomofdeath_zps9a4d0306.jpg
The room of death :).  Poison traps are in vast quantities in this room.

One deep fall you can get back out of photo Onedeepfallthatyoucantgetbackoutof_zpsb253b752.jpg
The first deep fall in the sub basement of Red Fang.

In the final hallway that leads to Red Fang’s lair, you will come across another set of the flaming vent traps, possibly the optional named rust monster, Tarnish, a few spiders and you might be able to pick up a secret door that hides the optional named troll, Vyragon and his pet scorpions.  Once you open the last door, the first monster you will see will be Red Fang and all her glory.

Red Fang and her glory photo Redfangandherglory_zps83428662.jpg
Red Fang in her lair.

Red Fang happens to be a black widow spider who is also guarded by a few other brown spiders.  The platform with the chest in the back of the room is also littered with a number of egg sacs.  Although Red Fang herself can be annoying, she isn’t as tough as she could be (I tend to find brown spiders more tough than the black widows).  The final fight isn’t too difficult and the quest ends when you pick up her egg sac.

Overall, the quest is a fun low level adventure and is a good watermark test for your lower level characters.  You will face a number of traps, the poisoned condition (possibly having to deal with stat damage from failed saves), powerful scorpions and spiders, a multi-tiered map, a “danger” room, a few optional named encounters, a secret door, and potentially dangerous drops.  When you get a chance, take a look at quest and test you abilities against Red Fang the Unruled.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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