That is Some Expensive Water!!

The other day I was taking Erdrique (Level 14 Monk) through the quest Reclamation.  Reclamation is located out in Ataraxia’s Haven and is handed out by Leros Levithas, who is located at the entrance to the Haven as soon as you get off the ship.  In any case, one of the optional objectives is to destroy all of the water jugs/supplies that the duergar have stashed in the mining operation.  I didn’t think anything about this until I start to wreak havoc on their water supplies and saw the gems falling out.

Who puts jewels in their water jugs? photo Whoputsjewelsintheirdrinkingwater_zps64a84694.jpg
Erdrique wondering who saves the gems in their drinking supply?

So then I started to reason for a possible explanation that the duergar would put these filthy and nasty gems they just mined inside jugs holding their water supply.  Talk about some expensive water!!  Perhaps these particular jugs were already empty?  Or maybe somebody has putting these gems off to the side as a little extra benefit to work?  Perhaps the water is actually not for drinking but for polishing?

In any case that is truly some expensive water!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “That is Some Expensive Water!!

  1. I remember I once got a tip from a friend to actuall put crystals in my jug with drinking water (I tend to have one or 2 cooled ones in the refrigerator in the summer) to improve its taste. Funny enough that really works.
    Maybe the dwarves were doing something similar to make that stale water in the barrels good to drink and even give it a bit of special flavour!


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