Finally Hit all of Those Slayers!!

The Red Fens is a fun and unique wilderness area.  It is a relatively low level area, supporting levels 6 through 13 to get full experience upon hitting the explorer, slayer, and rare encounter objectives.  One of the things that sets the Red Fens apart from the other slayer areas in roughly the same level range (Sorrowdusk Isle, Ataraxia’s Haven, and Restless Isles) is the tremendous amount of slayers needed to complete that objective.  The Red Fens requires you to hit 7,500 slayers to fully complete all the slayer deeds.  That is significantly different when compared to Sorrowdusk Isle, Ataraxia’s Haven, and the Restless Isles that only contain 1,500 slayers each.  In fact you won’t see such a high slayer count until you get into the Sands of Menechtarun.

I normally wouldn’t mind such a high slayer amount if the area was large enough to support such a high level.  However, the Red Fens doesn’t really contain enough random enemies to hit this particular mark in any practical reasonable amount of time.  Explorers questing through this area will really benefit by using slayer potions.  In fact, I don’t typically use slayer potions until I get to this particular zone.  Even with that said, I still haven’t actually capped out the slayers within the level range to receive full experience.

However, even being a level higher than then the maximum level to get full experience is still worthwhile.  I took Erdrique (Level 14 Monk) through the Red Fens earlier today and was finally able to hit that 7,500 slayer mark (with the great assistance of major slayer potions).  At its completion, I still received over 35,000 experience :).

 photo Finallycomleted_zps0cbd7f90.jpg
Erdrique finally hits the 7,500 slayer mark in the Red Fens and gathers a nice chunk of experience for it.

Now it is time to move off to the Restless Isles and to Ataraxia’s Haven, which should go much faster and then onto one of my favorite zones, the Sands of Menechtarun.  Time to get to some hunting!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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