Time to Restock the Cargo Hold…Oh Wait..

On of my daily routines in game is to make sure to check on the time left for the guild’s amenities down in our cargo hold of our airship.  The Crypt Crawlers are currently at level 63 and we haven’t been able to purchase the larger astral shard ships or buffs as of yet.  As a result, I have the cargo hold stocked with the auctioneer, guild chests, bank, tavern keeper, mailbox, and other common amenities.  Well the other day I noticed something concerning one of these, our experience shrine.

 photo Timetoreplacetheshrine_zpsc7bfe7fc.jpg
It was time to refresh the experience shrine.

See we have been using a lesser experience shrine for nearly as long as I can remember.  But as I was scrolling through the list of amenities at the vendor in the cargo hold I noticed that the regular experience shrine was now available.  I hovered over it and showed that this particular shrine is available to guild levels 63 and higher.  Oh well, I’m glad I noticed it now, although we are now nearly guild level 64.  This is the perfect case of getting stuck on doing a routine and not taking the time to look at other things.  So now instead of getting a 2% boost in experience, we will be getting a 3% boost.  Not a huge deal, but always nice indeed!!  This also reminds me to not to get stuck doing the same old routine, or at least not to try to anyway.

 photo Lookingtobuythatshrine_zps3076def0.jpg
To bad I didn’t realize I could get the full experience shrine as opposed to the lesser experience shrine until now…oh well.

So now our amenities are now up to date, I think, lol.  I can’t wait until we can get/afford the experience shrine hold room!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


3 thoughts on “Time to Restock the Cargo Hold…Oh Wait..

  1. You could have the next avaliable too. Stalker is only lvl 56 but we have the 4% already, need to hit 65or so for the 5% upgrade (wich is quite pricey may i add).

    Ist nice that you constantly check con cargo buffs, i have the issue of leting them disapear before noticing or replacing them… Bad Xahtep.


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