Having Some Fun in Epic Hard Quests

I’m still learning my way through the epic questing scene, even though I have quite a number of characters that are level 20 and higher.  As such, I have started to slowly move to running some of the epic quests on epic hard as opposed to epic normal.  Of course, I have only done this a few times with characters I’m more comfortable.  In fact two out of the three last epic quest runs I completed were on epic hard.  And each of them went pretty smoothly.  The first one was with Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Exalted Angel).  In this particular instance, I decided to take on the Lords of Dust on Epic Hard.  Wapoyei still needs quite a bit of work in terms of obtaining gear but his healing and radiant server aura is powerful and I felt like he could hold his own in there.  That and being able to summon forth his onyx panther, and his two owl bears (level 25 and level 17), and another hireling that he would be ok, not including his summon monster.  So I took over to the Harbor and entered into the quest and then realized that my rogue/shadowdancer hireling had expired and didn’t feel like heading out to get another one so I pushed forward with out that hireling.

Wapoyei creating havoc in the Cultist Base photo WapoyeicreatinghavocintheCultistBase_zps85551c37.jpg
Wapoyei creating havoc in the cultist base.

Even without the additional help of the rogue/shadowdancer hireling, that I had planned on helping me out, I still was able to move Wapoyei and his makeshift party through the quest with little difficulty to be honest.  I used the onyx panther and the owl bears to help maintain and gather ire of the many cultists while my aura pretty much kept everybody up in health.  I also used energy drain in conjunction with the spell destruction for some fun insta-kill results, including many of the champions I encountered.  I also used a number of light spells (nimbus of light, searing light, divine power, and avenging light) along with the epic destiny rebuke foe to help as well.  Although Wapoyei was one level higher than the quest, I still expected to get killed at least once.  But I never fell, nor did any of my pets, including my level 17 owlbear which I found quite surprising.  The biggest problem I had was with Karas at the end, but by using the the intimidate ability on three pets Iwas able to keep his focus on them as opposed to Wapoyei, which allowed me to keep the pets in my aura as well as allowing me to attack.  In the end, it was nice run.

Champion chest in the wall photo Championchestinwall_zps66d5b9b5.jpg
Kolll taking down a gnoll monster champion who tried to drop his chest in the wall…bad, bad, champion.

The more surprising quest I ran was Tomb of the Wizard King on Epic Hard with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  At the time, Kolll was level 21 which made him one level under the level of the quest (level 22 on Epic Hard).  Even with him being under level, I figured I would have plenty of room to kite and hide, allowing my pets and my favored soul/exalted angel hireling to finish off anything I started.  So, I entered the quest and summoned forth my onyx panther, my level 17 owlbear, and my hireling.   The first few encounters with the gnolls in the beginning went fairly well and I was able to take them out pretty easily, including a few champions.  However, I did run into a little hiccup.  As I moved further into the first room I was so fortunate enough to have two monster champion windlasher evokers and I was bright enough to grab both of their attention.  Needless to say, I hit my first death but was able to get back up and take them out.  I then took out the Den Mother, who was a champion, and moved my way further into the quest.

These Death Hex Wraiths Surprised Kolll photo TheseDeathHexWraithSurprisedKolll_zps4805ece0.jpg
Kolll hadn’t encountered these bad boys before.

By using a combination of duck and cover, kiting, and multi-shot I was able to make my way through the majority of the quest without any other issues until I hit an expected new enemy source, the death hex wraiths.  I never encountered these before and before I new it was found myself as a soul stone.  However, I had my hireling get me back up and I was able to take them out.  I also was a little surprised to encounter the skeleton mages at the tombs of the Jackal and and the Lion but they were much easier to deal with.  I did get killed one more time during the final fight with Raiyum when more of the dread hex wraiths spawned when I got him down to under 50%.  Again, I was surprised and this time my whole little party wiped.  I was forced to buy a resurrection cake but Raiyum was nearly finished by that time and I was able to finish him off and the rest of his wraiths to complete the quest.

Mysterious Remnant hiding on me photo Mysteriousremnanthidingonme_zpsa0486b20.jpg
A mysterious remnant was trying to hide on me.

Wish all the mummies were like this guy photo Wishallthemummieswerelikethisguy_zpsc091f9f6.jpg
Too bad the rest of the mummies in the Wiz King weren’t like this one.

So overall, I was pleased with both Wapoyei and Kolll.  I was also happy when running the Wiz King with Kolll as I gathered quite a number of scrolls; a token of the twelve; a few monster champion remnants; the seals for the demonscale armor, vambraces of inner light and the mysterious ring.  I will continue to run more quests on the higher difficulty settings and I hope the majority of them go as smoothly.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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