Results of the 2014/2015 Festivult Season

This year I didn’t really farm the Festivult Coins that I have in the past.  Even with that said, I still wound up turning in 633 copper coins, 144 silver coins, and 25 gold coins.

Erd collection of coins photo Erdcollectionofcoins_zps296cae7d.jpg
Erdrique’s Festivault coin collection (noted that the first 100 silver coins are in a different inventory tab).

During the turn ins, I didn’t get any of the “special” awards.  Would have liked to gotten another sun blade or something but I didn’t get that lucky.  I had the following breakdown for rewards:

Erdrique’s list of Festivult rewards:

Item Quantity
Kobold Cookies 2
Blue Abishai Cookies 9
Lumps of Coal 340
Suulomades Cookies 4
Syrania Cakies 14
Mabar Cakes 4
Daavani Cakes 6
Dal Quor Cakes 4
Green Abishai Cookies 3
Arraetrikos Cookies 3
Beholder Cookies 4
Spinner of Shadow Cookies 4
Queen Lailat Cookies 8
Taken Cookies 5
Lamannia Cakes 4
Lord of the Blade Cookies 7
Toven d’Cannith Cookies 4
Succubbi Cookies 4
Red Abishai Cookie 1
Velah Cookies 5
Risia Cakes 13
Dolurrh Cakes 3
Black Abbott Cookie 1
White Abishai Cookies 2
Xoriat Cakes 4
Shadow Cookies 3
Cupcakes 16
Black Abishai Cookies 11
Spiderweb Cookies 5
Xyzzy Cookies 3
Thelanis Cakes 18
Medusa Cookies 17
Warforge Titan Cookies 12
Shavarath Cakes 15
Stormreaver Cookies 21
Twigs 8
Sun Flasks 140
Irian Cakes 15
Kythri Cakes 23
Owlbear Cookie 1

 photo Erdfirststashofcookies_zps285adac1.jpg
A look at the first stash of Erd’s cookies and cakes.

 photo Erdsecondstashofcookies_zps9f703769.jpg
A look at the second stash of Erd’s cookies and cakes.

 photo Erdslasstashofcookies_zps01f88df1.jpg
A look at Erd’s last stash of cookies and cakes.

Not a bad collection for this past year, especially since I wasn’t really farming the coins this year.  Now I get to combine these rewards with those from last year and work on using them up before next winter.  Now I’m getting ready for the Risia Ice Games, as I would like to apply some icy festival recipes to a number of my characters weapons .

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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