Mid-Level Questing this Week, January 19th to January 22rd

My questing this week was dominated by running characters through the middle levels.  To start everything off this week, I took Lorrik (Level 12 Monk) out into the wild jungles of Sorrowdusk Isle to continue his slayers out there.  During my afternoon run, I took my main Erdrique (Level 15 Monk) through the quest And the Dead Shall Rise and I was even lucky enough to pick up a random player to join me :).  During my night run, I took Kanndar (Level 11 Paladin) into The Tide Turns and completed the Sentinels of Stormreach Storyarc.  After that run with Kanndar I called it a night.

Lorrikk preparing for the ogres in Sorrowdusk Isle photo LorrikkpreparingfortheogresinSorrowduskIsle_zpsf603dca5.jpg
Lorrikk hunting in Sorrowdusk Isle.

Erd staring up the Spire of Validus photo ErdstaringuptheSpireofValidus_zps47e4ce98.jpg
Erdrique staring up at the Spire of Validus and preparing to enter the quest And the Dead Shall Rise.

Kanndar laying some damage to the Blood Tide photo KanndarlayingsomedamagetotheBloodtide_zpsd3e3c851.jpg
Kanndar making his way through the Tide Turns.

For Tuesday, I took a lower level character on my premium account, Crawlller (Level 6 Ranger) into the deep jungles of Tangleroot Gorge and collected some more slayers of the hobgoblins and other denizens running wild out there.  During the afternoon, I took my other heroic true reincarnated character, Hamllin (Level 14 Fighter) into the Sands of Menechtarun and ran Raid the Vulkoorim with fellow guildie Doomhog.  Needless to say we blew through it.  That night I logged on with Hamllin again, and I was joined up with Stickthis, and we took on Tomb of the Tormented and Tomb of the Forbidden allowing Hamllin to get his revenge on Tormented when he had to leave the quest early last week because it was taking too long.

Crawlller through Tangleroot Gorge photo CrawlllerstalkingthroughTanglerootGorge_zps511d8a89.jpg
Crawlller exploring the wilds of Tangleroot Gorge.

Hammy getting ready to ruin the day for a few gnolls photo Hammygettingreadytoruingthedayforafewgnolls_zpsca8f0c90.jpg
Hamllin prepping to ruin the day for these gnolls in the Desert.

Take down the Vulkoorim Priest Champion photo TakedowntheVulkoorimPriestchampion_zps6d660dd5.jpg
Hamllin taking on a scorrow cleric in Raid the Vulkoorim.

Hammy hopeful the champion rat will survive photo Hammyhopefulthechampionratwillsurvive_zps5b4f4ab0.jpg
Hamllin hoping the “champion” rat won’t die easily in Tomb of the Tormented.

Dealing with glass spiders in the Tomb of the Forbidden photo DealingwithglassspidersinTomboftheForbidden_zpsba59d750.jpg
Dealing with some glass spiders in Tomb of the Forbidden.

On Wednesday, I took Berann (Level 7 Barbarian) and nearly completed all of the slayers in the Waterworks first thing in the morning.  That afternoon, I logged back on with Erdrique and took on Devil Assault on Hard.  Although I had already started the quest, I still brought in Stickthis to gain the experience and loot as well as taking care of teleporting mobs every once in a while.  I didn’t log in Wednesday night because it was date night.

Berann hunting in the sewers photo Berannhuntinginthesewers_zps21a68702.jpg
Berann looking for some slayers to collect in the Waterworks.

Devil Assault seems to be a home to a bunch of champions photo DevilAssaultseemstobehometoabunchofchampions_zps772562a4-1.jpg
Erdrique laying down the champions in Devil Assault.

Thursday started off with me taking Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) out into the Vale of Twilight where he continued to work on his Shavarath slayers.  That afternoon I logged back on with Hamllin and I took him into the quest The Enemy Within and actually had a little bit of a tough time in there.  I wound getting killed twice I believe, once because I fell into a trap, and then once again because my hireling cleric was having some issues and I failed to recognize that.  However, besides those hiccups I did wind up pushing through it on elite.  The last quest I ran for the week, was with Charlock (Level 13 Fighter) who I took into Spies in the House on elite and I had a surprisingly easy time in there.  Although I did struggle controlling him with the air jets, I didn’t suffer any deaths or any other major issues.  It was actually a refreshing run.

Time to hunt for Shavarath bad guys photo TimetohuntforShavarathbadguys_zps610fb227-1.jpg
Rimuldar hunting for some devils in the Vale of Twilight.

Hamllin fighting in the Enemy Within photo HamllinfightingintheEnemyWithin_zpsce73d98d-1.jpg
Hamllin fighting the frostmarrow undead in The Enemy Within.

Freeing a prisoner in Spies in the House photo FreeingaprisonerinSpiesintheHouse_zpsb146927b-1.jpg
Charlock freeing some prisoners in Spies in the House.

Overall, a fun set of quests.  Again, it was a week with a lot of undead encounters but the quests were quite varied in terms of duration, traps, and map complexity.  I hoping to have just as much fun during the weekend as well as getting some Risia Ice Games into the mix :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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