The Frustration of the Air Jets

When I was kid, I loved playing Nintendo and mastering my skills of jumping, floating, sliding, and maneuvering in games such as Super Mario Brothers 1 through 3, Super Pitfall, Commando, Contra, and the like.  However, as I have gotten older I see those skills have started fade some.  Although Risia Ice Games has helped to reinforce those twitch skills, there is still one aspect in DDO where I suffer greatly with that respect: the air jets.  In this instance, I’m talking about the air jets in Spies in the House.

I just took Lorrikk (Level 12 Monk) into Spies in the House and was laid down with the horrendous curse of air jet bane.  What is really frustrating with this situation is that I have completed a number of runs through Spies in the House with a few characters over the past few weeks.  However, during this instance the air jets in Spies in the House just didn’t want to cooperate with me.  I the first jet controlled by the rune wheel and the second one that shoots you to the valve that opens the doorway to the first prisoner were fine.  In fact, I had little difficulty getting past the skeletons and making my way to the first lightning floor room.

Lorrikk making his way through the Blood Road photo LorrikkmakinghiswaythroughtheBloodRoad_zps716d059d_1.jpg
Lorrikk making his way through the Blood Road and was doing great here…to bad the air jets didn’t agree with him.

My troubles didn’t begin until after I made my way onto the elemental floor.  The elementals were a piece of cake for Lorrikk but I failed at my first attempt to take the air jet from the elemental floor to the mephit floor and then everything fell apart from there.  After I didn’t make it the mephit floor I fell all way back down to the floor below the elementals.  I then hopped onto the air jet to get to the elementals and was kicked over into the middle of the electrified floor as far away as possible from the safe crates.  I was ok and made it to the plates, healed up, and then failed again trying to get to the floor above the elementals.  I did this about three or four times and during the last two attempts I was killed on the electrified floor on the elemental level as I continued to be thrown to the farthest point away from the safe area as possible.  The last time this happened to me, my cleric ported to me, and then promptly died.  Another issue during this whole thing was that it appeared that my computer was glitching during the air jet jumps, as it would appear I would be on top of a safe spot and then found myself falling or at times I shot up and then the next thing I new I was falling past the elemental floor level.

I didn’t have any problems when I ran it with Hamllin, Erdrique, or Charlock.  Unfortunately, Lorrikk wasn’t as fortunate enough.  Spies in the House is now on his list for redemption!!  In any case, I still got nearly 4,000 experience out of it by rescuing everybody.  So it wasn’t a complete loss.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out there and watch those air jets!!


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