Strangeness with Risia Ice Games This Year

This year during the Risia Ice Games I have noticed a number of strange things.  I mentioned in another blog post how the snow from the Harbor carried over into the desert.  Well, I had the same thing happen to me recently with the guild airship.  This occurred after I zoned out of the Harbor and onto our guild airship.  I thought it was pretty cool to see the weather of the instance carry forward and couldn’t help by grab a quick screenshot of the event because I’m not sure how much more it will happen.

 photo Snowingontheguildairship_zpsf874a0e9.jpg
Erdrique enjoying the snowy weather on the deck of the Crypt Crawler airship.

In any case, I’ll be curious to see if the snow will “carry” forward to other areas.  Fellow blogger Tholgrin mentioned he saw it snowing in the Demonweb and Sschindylyrn the other day as well.  Now that sure would have been an interesting sight!!  Thanks for reading everybody and watch out for that pesky snow!!  Happy hunting!!


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