Having Fun in the Risia Ice Games

The Risia Ice Games are currently going on and I have to admit I have this crazy love/hate relationship with it.  The Risia Ice Game event occurs in two primary areas: The Stormreach Harbor and the House Phiarlan Bogwater Tavern.  The primarily do my “jumping” around the Harbor to collect those floating white, blue, and purple coins.  The Bogwater Tavern event consists primarily of a half-pipe like event that I have only tried a few times.  I just find the atmosphere and jumping in the Harbor more to my liking.

Speaking to that side of things, I tend to do my jumping with one character, Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  When the Risia Ice Games first came out, I worked my patterns with Kolll and since he can cast jump as a ranger I just stuck the ice skates on him and have stuck using him to be my primary coin harvester.  With that said, I typically have a set pattern I use to pick up my coins.  I typically jump on the little net house that overlooks the Harbor and is just a short distance away from a docked shipped.  At that location is a few white and blue coins that I jump up sail forward to collect and then land back on the net house (or I fall and hop back on it).  At that point, I leap off the net house to the ever popular masts.  If you aren’t aware, the masts on the ship just down the dock from the net house can be “scaled.”  I typically land on the smaller mast and then leap from that mast to the course.  When you enter the course is when the things get fun.

Kolll getting ready to do some jumping in the Ice Games photo KolllgettingreadytodosomejumpingintheIceGames_zps37996038_1.jpg
Kolll on top of the net house getting ready to get those coins!!

I typically hit first ramp without any issues, however I sometimes take off with so much speed that I will sail over the next platform and will have to make my way back to the net house and jump back on top of the mast to try it again.  Most of the time I can land on the floating platform next to the lighthouse and head down the next ramp for the next jump.  Usually I sail smoothly to the next ramp, but every once in awhile I will lose momentum and will smack the broad side of the ramp and fall to the water below only to start the process over again.  That doesn’t happen to much but it does happen more than I would like.  Once I make it to that ramp, I only have one jump left to get that purple coin.

Kolll enjoying the ice games photo Kolllenjoyingtheicegames_zps5c1e00fc-1.jpg
Kolll sailing to the mast to prepare his next set of jumps.

I typically will have enough momentum to carry me through to the purple coin, in fact I typically have too much momentum.  I can’t tell you how many times I have sailed over the purple coin trying to contort my characters body in order to pick it up.  Making this jump is all on timing.  I have found that I basically have to tap my jump button just as Kolll is making his ascent up the last ramp.  That slows down his momentum and allows him to pick up the purple coin..usually.

Koll preparing for the slide photo Kolllpreparingfortheslide_zpsc7767365_1.jpg
Kolll staring down the next jump just off the floating platform.

For the most part, I can do a pretty decent job picking up coins.  However, the best part of the event is collecting the recipes and making “icy burst kits” and other items such as the snow elemental gem.  An “icy burst kit” allows you to add festival icy burst to any randomly generated weapon.  You have to apply the kit in steps applying cold touch first, then frost, then icy burst.  The recipes and motes needed for this is collectively know as the “icy burst kit.”  The hardest portion of the kits to get are recipes #5 but if you can get these they are an excellent buff to any random weapon and in many cases it might lower the minimum level of the weapon, another added benefit :).

If you haven’t tried the Risia Ice Games, give it shot.  It does take some patience, a little mario skills, and some coordination but the rewards are always nice :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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