So What is in there?

One of the great landscape features of the Sands of Menechtarun are the pyramids in the Valley of the False Tombs.  As adventurers we are naturally curious to see what mysteries, enemies, and treasure lie within them and and we eagerly explore the three great tombs in the back of the valley.  These being, of course, The Tomb of the Astrologer, The Tomb of the Physician, and The Tomb of Wizard-King.  While exploring these pyramids we learn quite a bit about King Raiyum and his loyal followers.  However, there are two tombs that we don’t get a chance to explore.

 photo Howaboutwhatisinsidethisone_zpsdada35ba.jpg
Erdrique wonders what he can in this massive tomb in the desert.

The first of these tombs is a large structure located close to wear Palumak the Scourer, the named sand mephit is located.  This structure is pretty interesting in that it always surrounded by a number of King Raiyum’s external forces which includes mummies, zombies, skeletons, and various mephits.  The structure, in my opinion, is the second largest tomb in the Valley, with only the Wiz-King’s being larger.  However, there is a curious thing about this particular structure.  We don’t see an entrance way or door into it.  It seems pretty unlikely to have erected such a structure to stand only as a decoration.  This suggests that the entrance to this particular tomb is either hidden extremely well, the tomb can only be entered through magical means, or there is perhaps a secret door that leads to it (perhaps a passageway underground from one of the other tombs?).

In any case, it makes me wonder what exactly is in this particular tomb.  The shear size of the tomb seems to suggest that it had some type of significance or importance.  I’m wondering if this where King Raiyum and his councilors (Rahmat and Kourush) practiced and studies heir evil and wicked arcane knowledge.  Could this structure have been some type of laboratory?  If so, imagine what types of secrets you could find inside.  I wouldn’t be surprised if there were plenty of powerfully enchanted items hidden within along with written descriptions and accounts of what was studied.  It would be an interesting thing to discover!!

 photo Erdwonderingwhatisinthistomb_zps6a82074f.jpg
Erdrique wondering what could be inside this unique tomb/temple.

The second structure is much smaller but no less intriguing.  In my mind it looks more like a temple than it does a tomb.  Perhaps this is location where King Raiyum and his advisers conducting their rituals to whatever dark gods they worshiped (maybe the Dark Six?).  If so, I would believe you could find all kinds of interesting relics, perhaps powerfully enchanted as well.  Perhaps there are some more clues about the relationship between Raiyum, the Demon Queen, and Zawabi buried deep within.  However, we don’t get the chance to figure this out.  This structure, like the other, doesn’t appear to have any doors or entrance ways.  Leaving us to wonder why.

Another thing I haven’t really considered are types of enemies could be locked inside these structures or what types of devious traps could be in play.  It is well known that Raiyum and his advisers were constantly trying to out do each other and it is just as likely they would have set up traps and safeguards to protect their secrets from each other.  It is also possible that they recruited powerful allies to help protect their secrets.  I can these structures roaming around with more undead, powerfully built monsters, and maybe even some more demons.  Dang, it really is a shame we can’t get into those structures :(.

Who knows, maybe in the future we will some way to enter and explore.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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