Haywire and Made To Order

Way back in July I wrote about some of my experiences in the quest Made to Order.  I recently ran this quest once again with Erdrique (Level 16 Monk) and wanted to take a little more in depth in this quest and then to make some comments about one of the more intriguing non-player characters in the game, Phineaus Haywire.  As I mentioned in my previous post, the quest giver to Made to Order is Hazra d’Kundarak.  Hazra is located on the other side of the House Kundarak bank/pyramid with her position on the pyramid being just above the entrance to the Black Anvil Forest.  She is guarded by two huge iron golems.  When you talk to Hazra, you learn that Haywire has sent out a distress message indicating that he is in some serious trouble.  You learn that Haywire was contracted to build some golems for the House Kundarak and it appears something has gone wrong.

 photo WalkingtheTightRope_zpsd25a6532.jpg
Erdrique making his way across the rails in Made to Order.

The quest is located in the Black Anvil Forest.  This used to be a mini-explorer type area, where there used to be four or so duergar walking around the grounds.  Although the area is still a zone, the duergar that used to be located in here are no longer present.  However, their former presence is interesting. See, there is a second quest located in the Black Anvil Forest, A Relic of the Sovereign Past, and its primary enemy are more duergar.  This seems to suggest that the Black Anvil Forest might be home to a powerful duergar clan.  I mention this because Made to Order is also chalk full of duergar.  The storyline for Made to Order is primarily focused on rescuing Haywire from his failed attempt at rebuilding the Marut that he scavenged from his partner in the Laughing Knives, Veil.  The storyline makes no mention whatsoever of the duergar.  So what is there deal here?

 photo ErdmakinghiswaythroughMadetoOrder_zps77b78a48.jpg
There are plenty of constructs in Made to Order.

I’m guessing that the duergar have made some type of pack or alliance with Haywire.  In fact, since we don’t know much about Haywire, it could be that he is part duergar and might be an “unofficial” member of this clan.  In the quest “A Relic of the Sovereign Past” we know that the duergar have acquired a great relic and that they are tremendous miners and crafters.  With these types of resources, Haywire could easily continue to experiment with artificer capabilities and the duergar could benefit from these experiments.  It also seems to suggest that not a lot of people know about this clan of duergar.  The quest giver for “A Relic of Sovereign Past” shows no indication of their presence and seems surprised to hear about them and Hazra never mentions them either.  They appear to be a mystery.

 photo ErdmakingshortworkofenemiesinMadetoOrder_zps539f0aee.jpg
Erdrique surveying the scene of battle.

In any case, you have to battle your way through them to get to Haywire.  The duergar forces primarily include melee combatants (guards, engineers, blacksmithes, laborers, surveyors) and divine casters (acolytes, apprenctices).  The other type of enemies you will encounter will be Haywire’s iron and clay golem constructs.  Some of these constructs are “tempered” and you have two optionals to destroy a fixed quantity of these constructs.  These tempered constructs are particularly tough and they are guarding the crests you need to collect to open the final pathway to Haywire’s saferoom.

 photo ErdtakingonagolemchampioninMadetoOrder_zps7596957d.jpg
Erdrique battling one of the tempered clay golems.

The quest layout can be challenging at times.  First off, the everything is in the mines and over some shallow lava pools or flows.  A large challenge of this quest are the numerous mine traps, especially at the beginning of the quest.  The mines can be particularly potent on elite and they can be just about any type of elemental damage.  If you can make your way through the mines, you then get to navigate through a series of twisting tunnels that lead you further into the mountainside.  Some of these require you to walk across railway lines that are pretty narrow with some of them being disabled and sparking dangerous lighting traps.  This is one of the points that can be annoying because you can easily fall off of these rails and will have to travel back up the path and will have to try to avoid the mines once again.  There are two shrines in the quest, one is behind a locked door that can only be picked.  As you make your way through the tunnels you need to pick up four crests that will be used to unlock the final hallway.

 photo NiceMineTrap_zps6bb51b0c.jpg
These mines can be extremely annoying and challenging.

The end fight is relatively simple as long as you have the appropriate, primarily an anarchic weapon.  As you enter the room you see the powerful Marut pounding on the door and you will also notice a number of other golems (clay and iron) in the room.  As you enter into the room, the golems will take notice of your and will attack.  The combination of the golems and the Marut can be challenging, it is best to try to control this aggro and work on the golems before gaining the attention of the Marut.  Overall though, the end fight is just a final beat down between you and the Marut.  Make sure you have buffs up and freedom of movement to keep from being stunned.

 photo WatchingthedeterminedMarut_zps3e5d8722.jpg
Erdrique in the final room watching the Marut banging on the doors to Haywire’s safe room.

Upon the defeat of the Marut, Haywire opens up his plethora of doors, which is funny to watch.  As you enter the room, you see that our favorite artificer has been making some alternations to his physical form.  He has replaced his arm with a mechanical one and this was why the Marut turned against him (because Haywire was meddling with the laws of nature).  In any case, this made me wonder a little bit about Haywire.  I was thinking that he would be a very interesting member to a questing party and I bet his comrades in the Laughing Knives have some interesting stories about him.  Although he is definitely brilliant, he is also quite clueless in the aspects of many things.  This makes me wonder how he would handle the large variety of things we come across in our adventuring careers.  In any case, I bet he would be funny and interesting party member!!

 photo Haywireissomethingelse_zps0caf77eb.jpg
Looks like Haywire has been experimenting on himself!!

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!  Give Made to Order a shot and say “hi” to Haywire for me :).


3 thoughts on “Haywire and Made To Order

  1. Haywire is one of my favorite NPC’s.. if only he showed up in more quests so we could see the “progression” of his experiments!

    …That always go wrong and require rescuing.


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