Who is Masei?

The Sands of Menechtarun has a unique feature that many adventurers might not know about.  There is a special trade vendor located in Zawabi’s Refuge not far from the open tavern area.  The special trade vendor deals in Anitque Bronze Tokens, which are almost exclusively obtained from the enemies of the Sands of Menechtarun and its respective quests.  Whenever any enemy out in the Sands of Menechtarun is defeated and drops a collectible (tea) bag it almost always contains these antique bronze tokens (mephits seem to like to break this rule…).  Many people skip over these collectibles and feel that they aren’t worth the bother of picking up or they don’t know what to do with them.  So I wanted to show off some recent rewards.

The trade vender is Masei Mkembe and his shop is called Masei’s Imports.  When you talk to him you get an option to offer him some items that he has been looking for, these would be the antique bronze tokens.  When you select this option, the trading interface UI will pop up with a number of options.  These will include the following:

1).  Regular simple, martial, and ranged weapons
2).  Exceptional simple, martial, and ranged weapons
3).  Regular armor (robe, docent, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shield)
4).  Exceptional armor (robe, docent, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, shield)
5).  Regular clothing and jewelry
6).  Exceptional clothing and jewelry

 photo MaseiImports_zps70342b5d.jpg
Masei Imports is located in Zawabi’s Refuge.

 photo TheMerchantMasei_zps7ee98d22.jpg
Masei Mkembe will gladly accept your antique bronze tokens.

Now all of these are available for a various amounts of antique bronze tokens, with the exceptional awards costing more.  The item that you get from this exchange is completely random.  There used to be a quest reward box that used to pop up and you could pick from a list of randomly generated items however this changed a while back.

 photo AwardOne_zpsbd700ba9.jpg
First reward option for an exceptional weapon.

 photo Awardtwo_zps32e49d3e.jpg
Second reward option for an exceptional weapon.

 photo Award3_zpsc7e55650.jpg
Third award option for an exceptional weapon.

 photo Award4_zps6c300c94.jpg
Fourth award from an exceptional light armor option.

 photo Award5_zps016963a2.jpg
Fifth reward from another exceptional weapon option.

 photo Award6_zps80c652b1.jpg
Sixth reward from another exceptional weapon.

 photo Award7_zpsed4a1833.jpg
Seventh reward from yet another exceptional weapon.

 photo Award8_zps38206d4b.jpg
Eight award from an exceptional simple weapon.

 photo Award9_zpsc07cbc22.jpg
Ninth reward from an exceptional clothing option.

The various turn in amounts range from 50 to 625 antinque bronze tokens, which are extremely easy to accumulate.  Before you know it you can easily have a couple of thousand of them if you put the effort into picking them up.  As you can see from limited selection above, the items you can get aren’t overpowering and wouldn’t be what I would consider “exceptional” but they could easily be used as decent twink gear for your other characters and can serve equally well as crafting blanks especially those with augment slots.

In any case, it is an easy way to get even more loot from your adventures in the desert.  If you have never bothered talking to Masei, I would recommend it and turn in those antique bronze tokens for some interesting loot.

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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