Follow Up to the Quest Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan

While I was taking Erdrique through his druid life, I wrote up a blog post that looked at the quest Bring Me the Head of Ghola-Fan.  I just reran this quest recently with Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) and thought that this would be a good quest to have a follow up blog on.  My first look Bring Me the Head Ghola-Fan went over the premise of the quest, the map layout, what type of enemies to expect, and the traps and obstacles that you would encounter on your way to the powerful ogre magi warlord.  However, one thing I didn’t talk about was the diversity in quest objectives you must fulfill through the quest.

 photo HamllinmakinghisthroughGhola-Fan_zpsbaf3ea16.jpg
Hamllin looking for the next crest in Golan’s Compound.

The various quest objectives range from gathering key crests, to unlocking doors with those crests, to entering a prison, and then to slaying a large number of Ghola-fan’s key lieutenants.  As you can imagine, a number of these steps are actually linked together.  In fact majority of the lieutenants you have to kill are guarding the crests that will allow you to gain further access into the expansive compound.  The first set of objectives is to acquire two crests, a scorpion and a monkey crest.  One of these crests is guarded by Tako the Killer, who is a vicious ogre you have to face off after you pass through the various traps in the trap room  The second crest is on the opposite of the compound and is guarded by a roomful of ogres and three iron golems.  Once the iron golems are activated you can then destroy them and get access to the crest.  Once you have the crests you then can use them to unlock the door (another objective) and to continue on.

 photo FightingthegolemsinGhola-Fan_zps8a24c559.jpg
Hamllin dealing with the iron golems.

The next objective is then to kill Ghola-fan’s commanding force leader, Taskmaster Tor-Lorm.  As you make your way to this point, you will see the Taskmaster drilling his troops as Ghola-fan and his mindflayer visitor watch.  Shortly later you find yourself neck deep fighting the Taskmaster and his troops.  After the defeat of the Taskmaster, the next thing you need to do is acquire the Warden’s Key to access the prison.  This of course means you have to kill Warden Feng, another required objective.  You will find Warden Feng trying to relax in Ghola-Fan’s spa/steam room where he gets extremely annoyed at being interrupted.  After you defeat the Warden and collect his key you then head off to the prison but first you unlock the door to the prison (another objective).  The reason why you have to head to the prison is because this is where the third crest is located.  By now we have picked up another objective to find two more crests (a snake and octopus crest I believe).  One of those is in the prison and the fourth, and final crest, is located on the other side of compound and is guarded by Ur-Keshik the Seer and his fellow mystics.  Once you get these crests, you can then complete the next objective which is to unlock the final door.

 photo HamllingazingatGhola-Fanfromadistance_zps9b20efe7.jpg
Hamllin noticing Ghola-Fan peering over his Taskmaster and his troops with a visitor. 

Once you make it into the next room, you have your first encounter with Ghola-Fan but instead of fighting him he throws a bunch of wildmen at your to do his bidding, setting off the next objective, to defeat them and move on.  After you do this objective you enter into the next room where you encounter more of the ogre forces.  Another objective is to defeat them and progress forward.  You are then at the final confrontation with Ghola-Fan and his elite forces (as well as some more of his troops).  Of course the final primary objective is to defeat Ghola-Fan.

 photo RangingtheSeer_zps98f5baae.jpg
Hamllin taking out the seer from a distance.

 photo Preparingtofaceoff_zps70b8d69f.jpg
Time to prepare for Ghola-Fan.

So, as you can see, the objectives to Ghola-Fan are quite numerous, although they are pretty linear and safe explanatory.  They do help to guide you along your way so that you can stay on task somewhat.  In either case, the quest is quite long and makes you run back and forth from side of the compound to other before you can progress.  It is a fun quest though, but just make sure you devote enough time to getting it done.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out in the Ghola-Fan’s compound!!


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