A Look at Fathom the Depths

The Red Fens has a few unique, but fun quests, tucked away in its explorer zone.  One of these quest is Fathom the Depths.  I just took my mechanic rogue, (Sludgge Level 21), through this fun quest.  The quest giver for Fathom the Depths is one of the Raveneye Drow located in the refugee camp just inside the Red Fens but the name of Craneclaw.  Craneclaw tells you that a number of the enslaved Raveneye Drow have been forced to the ancient ziggurat in the depths of Red Fens to do some mining for the sahaugin who appear to be searching for something.  Craneclaw asks for your help in stopping this endeavor.

When you get to ancient ziggurate you see that is crawling with various sahaugin.  The quest entrance to Fathom the Depths is at the top of the ziggurat so you have wind your away around the great pryamid until you get to the top, fighting along the way.  Once you enter the quest, you come across another Raveneye Drow named Foxpaw who tells you that the sahaugin are after something called the Planar Fetter and he then tells you to stop them from doing that.

The primary enemies you will encounter in this quest are sahaughin.  However there are a few other monster types you will encounter as well including the drowned, mire rats, will o’wisps, water elementals, skeletons, a red-mamed mudman, and quite possible a gelatinous cube.  For the sahaugin, you will encounter a number of soldiers and scouts as well as annoying channelers and mages.

 photo Sludggemakinghiswaythroughthesahaugin_zpsbe2ecd12.jpg
Sludgge fighting the sahaughin in Fathom the Depths.

 photo RescuingtheRaveneyeCaptives_zpsd011b3f9.jpg
Don’t forget to rescue the slaves.

The quest layout is actually pretty straightforward.  However it does have an interesting twist.  As you are making you way through the ziggurat and defeating the sahaugin you will notice a magical barrier that appears to be holding back the water.  It also appears that to make it to end of the quest you will have to lower this barrier and flood the zigurat.  However, prior to doing this you will obtain an optional objective to rescue all of the prisoners before you flood the area out.  Taking the time to locate the prisoner can be worth the extra the experience.  What is also interesting, is that the sahaugin fight you all the way until you reach the lever that will release barrier.  Once you release the barrier the whole area is flooded and you have to continue moving on, although swimming instead of walking/running.

 photo Sludggeadmiringthemagicalway_zps20ee059a.jpg
Sludgge taking note of the barrier holding the water back.

 photo Sludggefacingoffagainsasahugincaptain_zps8cabead7.jpg
Sludgge and his party making their best moves to get to the lever.

 photo TimetoactivatetheLever_zpsb992eee4.jpg
Time to bring down the barrier.

 photo Nowweareunderwater_zps2ebdbcfc.jpg
Everything is now underwater.

When the area is flooded out, you will have to contend with some traps, a secret door, and small patches of land that invite trouble from the enemy (this is when you actually facing something other than sahaugin).   The traps that you will have to deal with are sonic traps but they are easily avoidable if you don’t have a trapper with you.  The path will eventually lead you all the way back to the beginning of where you entered the quest and to enter a different area of the ziggurat that leads to the last fight.  The last fight contains a red named sahaughin caster and his mud elemental buddy.  Once you defeat these two, you can then continue on (if you wish) to fight a few more sahughin and their treasure guarding, a gelatinous cube.  The quest is completed when the mudman and sahughin caster fall so the treasure guardian is purely optional.

 photo SludgeinFathomtheDepths_zps6c82cf5d.jpg
Fighting our way through the sahaugin ranks.

Fathom the Depths is an interesting quest in that it takes place above ground and in the water.  The ziggurat is flooded upon your activation of the lever and it requires you double back.  The enemies can be tough, especially those challengers.

 photo Timeforthelastbattle_zpsbea78f45.jpg
Time to prepare for the last fight.

During this particular run, which was on epic normal, I was able to take Sludgge and his hirelings through it relatively easily.  The last fight took awhile as the end caster has a plethora of hit points and the red-named mudman drop down a slippery floor making it a challenge to stand on unless you have freedom of movement.  If you ever get the chance check it out.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!


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