Having Some Fun in Diplomatic Impunity

Relatively recently, I took both Erdrique (Level 17 Monk) and Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) through the quest Diplomatic Impunity.  Diplomatic Impunity is a fun quest and it is part of the Deception of Stormreach quests from Update 7 that leads directly into the Attack on Stormreach Chain and the battle with the tremendous forces of Droaam.  For me, I typically start out with Diplomatic Impunity when I start to run these quests.  The quest takes place in a beautiful landscape area called the Skyfall Coast, which appears to be a remote area of Xen’drik.  The Skyfall Coast contains an expansive sandy shoreline that is protected by an expansive jungle and rocky outcroppings.

 photo HamllinattackingascorpioninDiplomaticImpunity_zps428c845c.jpg
Some of the natural hazards on the Skyfall Coast include these scorpions.

 photo Takingonajunglepanther_zps489f9eed.jpg
Hamllin dealing with the wilds of the Skyfall Coast.

Taking on the enemies of Diplomatic Impunity photo TakingontheenemiesofDiplomaticImpunity_zps8f5a595d.jpg
Erdrique learning that the Vinethrashers like to attack first and ask questions later.

The Skyfall Coast is rarely traveled and we see this during our questing here.  The area contains a number of natural dangers including powerful scorpions, dangerous jungle panthers, and secretive wildmen who are very protective of their forests and village.  There are also a number of scenic outlooks throughout the jungles that line the Skyfall Coast, including one that overlooks the expansive beach, which we see is being used quite extensively by an invading force from Droaam.  Speaking to this, we also discover that situated along the Skyfall Coast are some ancient ruins that the Droaam captain is using as staging area.

 photo Overlookingtheinvadingforce_zps85f8837c.jpg
Hamllin admiring the large force of the Droaam army at the Skyfall Coast.

 photo DealingwiththeInfantry_zps71503245.jpg
Some of the infantry have already begun their invasion.

Working our way through the wilds of the Skyfall Coast we encounter a number of dangerous and interesting obstacles while trying to protect the Coin Lords diplomat and trying to discover any underlying treachery from Droaam.  Many of these include patches of scorpion nests, a pack of jungle panthers, various entanglements with the wildmen, and encountering a number of Droaam scouting forces.  We also have the opportunity to parlay with the wildmen in order to reach the Coin Lord diplomat more quickly and in order to bypass a number of the Droaam scouting party.

 photo Makingthewaytothecamp_zps50f39891.jpg
Coming upon the staging area just outside of the ruins at the Skyfall Coast.

 photo PreparingforIlos_zps0011bbca.jpg
Preparing for the final fight in the ruins on the Skyfall Coast.

The end fight is also quite interesting.  The captain of the forces, a brutish half-orc, will try to convince you to join him and then he gives you an honory salute when you decline before he attacks you viciously.  To make things more interesting, he calls in his reinforcements and body guards to join the fight while also setting off a series of traps that were evidently laid down in the ruins prior to your arrival.  This particular fight can get hectic but it also quite a bit of fun.

 photo Fightingscoutsoftheinvadingforce_zps7c9ec586.jpg
Fighting the Droaam scout forces in the Skyfall Coast.

 photo MakingyourwaythroughtheVinethashercamp_zpsc9b9a0e0.jpg
Hamllin making his way through the Vinethrasher Village along the Skyfall Coast.

Between the various enemies you encounter, the interesting storyline with the underlying deception that is occurring, having the ability to use different techniques to get through the wildman camp (bypassing it completely, using diplomacy, using intimidate, or just fighting everything), the interesting landscape, the view of the invading force, and dealing with the forces and traps in the end fight lead to a fun and exciting quest.  If you haven’t ventured out to the Skyfall Coast I would recommend it!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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