A Disappointing Weekend of Questing, February 13th to February 15th

Well, I have to say this will be the first for me on the blog but I must say I had a rather disappointing weekend questing wise in DDO :(.  I didn’t expect to get a lot of questing done on Saturday with Valentine’s Day but I had planned on for a pretty productive nigh for Friday night.  However, the curse of Friday the 13th rained down on me :(.  Everything did start out well though as I took Containment (Level 6 Cleric) out into Tangleroot Gorge to get some slayers completed.  However, I ran behind later that afternoon and couldn’t get in midday run.  I didn’t think too much about that because I knew I would be getting back on later that night.

Containment Having some fun in Tangleroot Gorge photo ContainmenthavingsomefuninTR_zps622dc6d1.jpg
Containment was the only one who saw action on Friday as we ventured out into Tangleroot Gorge.

Well, as the evening progressed my wife and I noticed that we were having intermittent connectivity issues with our internet.  When it came time for me to log into the game, I didn’t have enough signal to connect.  It turned out that the extreme cold weather front that was moving through the area also had a damaging impact on our internet service provider as well, Centurylink.  I turned out that their were a number of outages in our area and that it was expected to be turned back on until early Saturday morning.  As a result, I didn’t get a chance to log in at all on Friday.

By Saturday everything was back up and running and I was to log in to take care of some things here and there, maintenance tasks and guild duties but I didn’t get a chance to get any questing in.  In fact I didn’t do much of anything until Sunday night when I logged back into the game with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) to continue to jump to gather some Risia Ice Game coins and then began the process of turning everything in and creating some new weapon upgrades.  So I did get that in this weekend.

 photo KollltakesinthesightoftheHarbrinWinter_zps20379a30.jpg
Kolll surveying the Harbor as he gets his thoughts together for his next attempt at gathering some coins.

Oh well, I hope everybody else had a nice weekend and I’m hoping this week will go much smoother and be much more productive!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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