Moving Through the Lord of Eyes

Some of the more interesting and intriguing quests in DDO are those that are based on dealing with the Xoriat, the Realm of Madness.  Recently, I look Larrs (Level 20 Bard/Fatesinger) through one of these wacky quests, The Lord of Eyes.  The Lord of Eyes is the capstone quest to the Reign of Madness series of quests and takes place in the grand Tower of the Twelve.  The quest giver is Elawyn Thwr, who is also located in the Tower of the Twelve.

 photo LarrsbattlingbeholdersinLordofEyes_zpse5dbbc98.jpg
Fighting a beholder in the Lord of Eyes.

The Lord of Eyes, Belashyrra, and his forces have secretly invaded the Tower of the Twelve and are beginning to wreak havoc through its magically enhanced and capturing walls.  The premise of the quest is simple enough, find him and defeat him.  To do this, the Lord of Stone has volunteered to help you.  Both, the Lord of Eyes and the Lord of Stone are daelkyr and the Lord of Stone doesn’t want the Lord of Eyes to be able to gain anymore power.  Thus he agrees to send his forces out to help you.  But of course to do that you have to blow a hole in the mountain using a magefire cannon that will allow his troops to come forth.  Only one thing, the magefire cannon needs to be repaired, forcing you to travel throughout the twelve to get the necessary elemental essences (fire, water, earth, and air) you will need to make it operational.  Of course by now the entire lower surface of the Tower of the Twelve is filled with the strange and dangerous troops of the Lord of Eyes.

 photo Larrsfightingthefloatingeyes_zps8dac074a.jpg
Larrs making his way through the Tower of the Twelve and fighting the forces of the Lord of Eyes.

Although the tower has some levels to it, the quest and its map are rather linear.  You move up to the various levels using powerful beams that propel you in the air as long as you stay within their radius.  The first thing you need to do (after you make contact with the initial Twelve representative right inside the quest) is to make your way the basement to learn about the mafefire cannon.  You then are tasked with capturing elementals (fire, water, earth, and air) in different magical stones by luring them into a special circle that will magically capture them when they are weakened enough.  Once you have all of the essences you return to the basement and complete the magefire cannon and then escort the troops of the Lord of Stone to confront the troops of the Lord of Eyes and finally battling him.

 photo Larrscoapturingawaterelemental_zps38c35536.jpg
Larrs capturing a water elemental in the Lord of Eyes.

 photo Larrsworkingoncapturinganearthelemental_zps2a978fc3.jpg
Larrs capturing an earth elemental.

 photo Workingoncapturinganairelemental_zps58c4e32c.jpg
Larrs working to capture an air elemental.

As you move throughout the various levels of the tower you will encounter various enemies including a diversity of beholders, flesh renders, tharaak hounds, evil eyes, mind flayers, and eye horrors.  You might also encounter a few optionals as well, including Belashyrra’s strange ocular hound pets.  The fight with Belashyrra himself isn’t too spectacular.  He first appears as a huge creature until the Lord of Stone appears and shrinks him to his normal size.  Once the fighting begins, he will summon so help and a few waves of more enemies will continue to support him until he is finally defeated.  There did appear to be some force traps coming out of some of the evils eyes that were positioned along the wall of the room so make sure you don’t move around too much during the last fight.

 photo LarrsdefeatsOpuloxx_zps57311b71.jpg
Larrs and his gang taking out an optional beholder.

 photo FightingBelashyrrasweirdpets_zps0cf51c5f.jpg
These are some strange pets.

 photo Timetoprepthemagefirecannon_zps3bb1c2b8.jpg
The magefire cannon is fixed and the Lord of Stones troops are moving out.

 photo TimetodealwithBelashyrra_zps0936bb71.jpg
Belashyrra in all of his glory.

I haven’t really done this quest, or the series for that matter, a whole lot.  It is definitely an interesting quest and it can be challenging dealing with all of the beholders and crazy evil eyes.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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