Negative Level, Negative Level, Negative Level…Must Be Invaders!

There are just some quests where you just expect to get killed at least once.  For me, Invaders! is one of these quests.  I recently took Erdrique (Level 17 Monk) through it and then attempted it again with Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) earlier last week.  For me, the most difficult aspect of Invaders! are all of the beholders.  This level 12 quest (making it a Level 14 on elite) is littered with beholders, with a primary objective of eliminating at least four elder beholders which are covering various loci throughout the quests.  The biggest threat that these beholders cause is energy drain and their resulting negative level effects.  It doesn’t take long before you realize you have lost 8 levels…uh wait, let’s make that 12 levels..and then to hear that awful “ding” and see your soulstone sitting where you had a character hacking and slashing away.

The thing about Invaders! that makes it even that more challenging is that it is also littered with a ton of tharaahk hounds, flesh renders, fire reavers, ice flensers, and Xoriat drow.  So as you make your way through the quest and you watch your buffs get dispelled from the beholder anit-magic field and then you watch your negative levels accumulate, you then get to deal with these other potent enemies which also have some dangerous abilities.

 photo HammystunninganelderbeholderinInvaders_zps2b7a0315.jpg
Hamllin stunning an elder beholder in Invaders!  To bad it wasn’t enough to stop his eventual demise but he will return!!

Unfortunately Hamllin did not survive this attempt to make his way through Invaders!  Erdrique made it through his run but Hamllin is now out for revenge.  He will looks forward to his next attempt at these vicious beasts that have assaulted the Waterworks :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out there…and watch out for those beholder eye beams :).


3 thoughts on “Negative Level, Negative Level, Negative Level…Must Be Invaders!

  1. Take a toaster – or better yet, a paladin Knight of the Chalice with Sealed Life – in there for a dramatically different experience. KotC’s are immune to level drain with Sealed Life, and well built, are practically immune to beholders, period. ^_^

    I may or may not have been seen mocking them with a /dance on my pally lives, but those rumors are completely unsubstantiated. Honest.


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