A Light Weekend of Questing, February 20th to 22nd

This past weekend was relatively light for me.  This was because my daughter was in town for the weekend so instead of slaying the numerous enemies in DDO I had some nice family time .  However, I did get some questing in!!  My questing began with a slayer rung with Rimuldar (Level 23 Wizard/Magister) who I took out into the King’s Forest for the firs time.  I had some taking a caster out there but still need to get a little more used to throwing spells instead of whacking people .  I didn’t get on that afternoon, but I did get back on Friday night with Erdrique (Level 17 Monk).  Erdrique still needed a few level 11 and 12 quests to complete on elite, including the quests in the Deception of Stormreach Chain.  Before I did that though, I headed out into the Sands of Menechtarun where I collected my set of slayers, the scorrow, and maxed the area out.  I then took Erdrique into the quest Frame Work on elite to dispatch of the numerous minotaurs and then I headed into the quest Eyes of Stone to fight Hestess the medusa.  After those runs, I called it a night.

 photo RimandhispartyexploringtheKingsForest_zps0aa291e9.jpg
Rimuldar taking his gang out into King’s Forest.

 photo Flippingaroundtodealwithascorrow_zps0983e752.jpg
Erdrique collecting his scorrow slayers in the Sands of Menechtarun.

 photo Minotaurseverywhere_zps0a5aecbb.jpg
Erdrique dealing with a lot of minotaurs.

 photo TakingonUrgarta_zps2217127e.jpg
Erdrique and his hirelings taking on the troops of Droaam in Eyes of Stone.

I didn’t log back into the game until Sunday night, after my daughter headed off to go back home.  I logged on with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) and decided to take him into Tharashk Arena, better known as VON 1, on epic hard.  With the help of his onyx panther, owl bear (level 17), and exalted angel hireling, he easily made it to the arena.  However, it was at this point where I was sorely unprepared.  I have done VON 1 a number of times on epic normal without any issues across a few characters but haven’t really tackled it on epic hard.  So, I wasn’t quite prepared when the paragon kobolds started hitting everybody with enervation and I watched needlessly as my levels drained away.  In short order, I had a little party wipe.  Oh well, lesson has been learned.  I will need to make sure that I have some deathward clickies or potions take care of that particular issue .

 photo KolllenjoyingthefightinginVON1_zpsdac58558.jpg
Kolll trying to make a name for himself in the Tharashk Arena.

So, although it was a light weekend, it wasn’t a bad one.  I moved Erdrique ever so much closer to level 18 and learned some things about VON 1 on epic hard.  Hopefully this week will be just as much fun!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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