Still Getting the Hang of This Epic Thing

Over the past few weeks I have taken a few of my epic level characters into various quests on epic hard as opposed to my typical runs of epic normal.  Wapoyei (Level 23 Cleric/Shiradi Champion), Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild), and Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion) I have started to take into some slightly higher level settings than normal.  These particular characters I feel more comfortable with at attempting these higher difficulties as opposed to some of other characters that are level 20 and higher.  Recently I took Wapoyei through The Lords of Dust and Servants of the Overlord on epic hard, Garrrin through Into the Deep on epic hard, and Kolll through Chamber of Raiyum (Tomb of the Wizard King) and Tharashk Arena (VON 1) on epic hard.

Overall, I have found a number of mixed results.  My cleric, Wapoyei, seems to be the easiest for me to make it through any particular quest at the moment.  This primarily because of his strong self healing, obviously, but some of this is his ability to summon the level 25 owlbear as well as bring forth an extra summon creature that allows aggro to be taken off of him.  Using his radiant server aura, I’m typically able to minimize my healing spells and instead able to focus more on my buff spells and damage dealing spells (Divine Punishment, for instance).  However, I also tend to melee more often than not with him, I just like to swing that morningstar of his :).  I still need to do some more work on his weaponry and armor but overall I’m pretty comfortable with his abilities to stay alive on epic hard quests.

Having some fun in Servants of the Overlord photo HavingfuninServantsofOverlord_zps5dfdfe7f.jpg
Wapoyei and Hell making their way through Servants of the Overlord on Hard.

Now Garrrin is a slightly different story.  Being level 22, he cannot summon forth the level 25 owlbear yet and he cannot summon forth an extra creature.  However, with his higher hit point range and his ability to do more damage overall, not to mention the changes to the barbarian enhancements, he has become much more survivable.  I was quite surprised at how easily he made his way through Into the Deep on epic hard.  He did require some healing from this exalted angel hireling, of course, but he was still doing pretty good.  I just applied a festival icy burst to an electrical storm greataxe for him and I’m looking forward to seeing how well he does with that weapon.

Kolll has been another story altogether.  I have found that Kolll can do extremely well in encounters where he can maneuver around, allowing him to use his numerous ranged arrow attacks.  He did exceptionally well in the Tomb of the Wizard King on elite but I struggled with him I got to the end fight in the Tharashk Arena.  However, my issue in the Tharashk Arena was partly because I was ill prepared.  I didn’t realize those dang paragon kobold casters had enervation in their wicked spell list and of course I didn’t have deathward to protect from this  They basically made short work of Kolll and his makeshift hireling party.  I will have to enter this quest and make sure to have deathward potions or clickies the next time I enter.

 photo KolllenjoyingthefightinginVON1_zpsdac58558.jpg
Kolll trying to make his way through VON 1 on epic hard.

These Death Hex Wraiths Surprised Kolll photo TheseDeathHexWraithSurprisedKolll_zps4805ece0.jpg
Kolll surprised at these hex wraiths.

I am still learning how to manage through these quests on epic hard.  I’ll get the hang of it :).  The new challenge with the monster champions has also been interesting.  I will continue to make my way through some of these quests on epic hard and will continue to experiment with them.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting out there in DDO!!


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