Taking Note of the Art

It still amazes me how the little things make running DDO fun :).  The other day I was running around the Crypt Crawler’s guild airship and swapping out stored amenities to that I could get all of the buffs we currently own when I finally realized that there are some interesting pieces of art on the wall.

This first one is of a ship docked in a peaceful harbor.

 photo Nicepictureontheboat_zps2c3875e7.jpg
Erdrique finally taking notice of some of the art work on the guild airship.

And the second piece of art was of another vessels being violently tossed around at sea:

 photo TheStormySeas_zpsd6eaaf8a.jpg
Erd then taking note of a second piece of art on the guild airship.

It is the little things like these, the hidden little gems in the background of the game, that help keep the game fun and interesting for me.  One thing I do wonder though, concerning these paintings.  I couldn’t help by realize that these paintings are pictures of water born vessels.  Why aren’t these vessels of airships?  I could have easily seen an airship being docked at an air tower for instance as the first painting and strong winds tossing another airship around in the second.  I wonder what hidden message is implied there.  Hm…

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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