Frame Work-Talk About Some Minotaurs

There are a few quests that are notable because of the monsters that they contain, or more precisely, because the large majority of the monsters they contain are one type.  Some of these particular quests feature minotaurs, with Scondrel’s Run and Maze of Madness coming to mind as quest that primarily feature minotaurs as your primary foe.  However, when one talks or thinks about those brutish monsters, minotaurs, the quest that has to come to forefront is Frame Work.  Frame Work was released in Update 7 and the quest chain is loosely called Deception in Stormreach.  This little chain also includes Diplomatic Impunity and Eyes of Stone.  I wrote about Diplomatic Impunity awhile back here and now want to take a closer look at Frame Work.

I recently took Erdrique (Level 17 Monk) and Hamllin (Level 15 Fighter) through this quest.  Frame Work is a rather interesting quest with multiple ways to complete it.  Gavin Northus bestows the quest and he is located in the back of the Lordsmarch Plaza.  The basic idea of the quest is to frame the Droaam Ambassador, Hestess, by planting evidence and assassinating the minotaur leader of a small village.  The primary emphasis is to infiltrate the minotaur village and either stealth your way to the minotaur leader to kill him or to “bull rush” your way through the village and slaughter everything you come across.  I haven’t mastered the stealthy aspects of DDO, so I typically fight my way through the village, which means killing tons of minotaurs.  If you ever wanted to work on any minotaur monster manual deeds, this is the quest to farm in that request.

 photo Minotaurseverywhere_zps0a5aecbb.jpg
Minotaurs, minotaurs, and more minotaurs as Erd makes his way through the village.

If you take the time, the surrounding landscape of the minotaur village is also full of other enemies, including a few optional orange named monsters.  In fact, if you reach all of your optional objectives for slaying/killing minotaurs you will receive another objective that simply asks you to kill something else.

The quest actually begins on the outskirts of the village where you mean up with a warforged contact named Doris.  Doris will give you a spell wand that has a few charges of flesh to stone on it that anybody can use and this is supposed to be used for planting the evidence against Hestess.  You basically stone at least one minotaur to meet this objective.  Getting up to the quest is relatively straight forward as you can simply take the path up to the village, where you will probably encounter a few panthers, and when you meet up with your first few minotaurs.  When the minotaurs notice you they will lower their gates to attack.  As you make your way through the village a few of the “runts” will occasionally ring warning bells which will bring out more minotaurs and sometimes their pet worgs.  You may also encounter a few minotaur cabal seers, powerful casters, who guard chests and fulfill one of the optional objectives if you slay them all.

 photo So what type of entertainment occurs in this pit_zpsv6zq8inl.jpg
The pit area in the minotaur village in Frame Work.  Wonder what type of sports occur in here?

The village can be a little irritating to move through.  It composed of a number of small streets and bridges that span across numerous buildings and a small lake.  I tend to get turned around in here from time to time.  The minotaur leader is in a small area of the village and when you approach him you here Hestess, a medusa by the way, talking to the leader.  They then notice your arrival and the minotaurs attack as well as two powerful casters that Hestess leaves behind (an orc and an ogre magi).  The ramp up to this particular location is actually tapped, and its pretty vicious, but it is a one time deal.  After you defeat the orc, ogre magi, minotaurs, and the leader you will then have to make your way back to Doris to report your success.  When you talk to Doris again, the quest is then completed.  If you have completed your entire slaughter (all of the minotaur slayer optional objectives) she will give you a chest.

This particular quest can be extremely challenging if you don’t take some time to make your way through the village.  It doesn’t take long for dungeon alert to kick in, with the runts ringing the warning bells, and you will constantly get knocked down or bull rushed by the minotaurs.  The minotaur shamans can also be nasty as they like to through ball lightning.  Also, there is only one shrine in the village (although there is another shrine in the landscape of the village) so managing your spell points is also wise.  One other thing to point as well as that their are broken ballistae throughout the village and the outside landscape that can be repaired by applying the supplies that can be found scattered around and these can be used to either shoot yourself into the village or to shoot yourself out of the village.

Overall, the quest is pretty straightforward with a little confusing village to move through.  It is a fun quest if you just like to slaughter things but also can be very frustrating as you can find yourself on your back and laying down more often than not from bull rush attacks.  If you haven’t tried Frame Work, give a try.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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