Getting Closer!!

Erdrique (Level 18 Monk) is making his way closer to reaching the heroic level cap during this particularly life.  Over the weekend (so far) he leveled up to 18, with level 19 banked, and stands at rank 92.  He is actually about halfway between rank 92 and 93.  Now it is time to think about his next build as I continue to progress to level 20 for another heroic true reincarnation.

During his next life, I plan on taking him through the adventures of a Rogue.  I actually plan on focusing on the Acrobat line because I already have played an assassin and a mechanic but have never tried to play an acrobat.  I have actually not really tried to play a melee-focused quarterstaff build before so this will be something new for me.  Although I do play my casters, Rimuldar and Cantlin, more melee like than I should and they typically are equipped with quarterstaves, but this will definitely be more of a melee focus.

 photo Erd directing the kobolds_zpsutrvpugl.jpg
Erdrique watching the kobolds go to work and thinking about his next career move :).

In either case, I think it will be time to start crafting up some low level gear specifically for a rogue so that I can be prepared.  I’m going to be spending some time in the Cannith Crafting Hall generating some level rogue gear and some quarterstaves for his next life.  Going to be looking forward to it!!  Of course I have to get to level 20 first :).

Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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