Lorrikk Gets His Redemption!!

Back near the end of January, I had taken my level 12 monk, Lorrikk, into the quest Spies in the House on elite.  That particular run was just a little frustrating which I wrote about shortly later.  The main issue I had in the quest had absolutely nothing to do with the monsters or objectives in the quest but with a primary key quest mechanic that requires you to use air jets to move vertically in the sewer system to the next level.  Unfortunately, the air jet wasn’t propelling me to the next level but instead it would knock me around and then I would land on the electrified floor where I eventually died.

Well, I must say this past week was much better for Lorrikk and his questing through this notoriously difficult quest.  I took Lorrikk back through Spies in the House on elite and had absolutely no issues dealing with the multitude of enemies or traps.  I even breezed through the initial broken up platform area without any issues, which was nice.  I did run across a little snafu with my hireling though when he decided he wanted to run across the first electrified floor in the quest.  However, I was able to get his soul stone and to defeat the named necromancer and to make it to the next shrine where I got him back up.

 photo Lorrikk getting revenge in Spies in the House_zpscylgwrui.jpg
Lorrikk ranging enemies over the first electrified floor in Spies in the House.  This was was successful!!

The next portion of the quest was the portion dealing with all of the air jets.  I made it through the first level just fine and took out the elementals with little difficulty.  I then made my attempt with the second air jet and after about 3 or 4 tries I made it to the level with the mephits.  I was so happy about getting to that point that I nearly died from the ice mephits and their stinging magic missiles.  I quickly recovered and Lorrikk was able to make short work of them, which was great.  The rest of the quest was easy from that point.

So, the quest mechanics decided to work with me this time and Lorrikk succeeded!!  Now, I just wonder who will be the next character to try a stab at the air jets of Spies in the House.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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