Persistance for the Win!!

One of the things I have learned, is that it is sometimes its good to be persistent and to be patient.  Of course this also helps if you have the time to be able to be persistent.  This was extremely important when I decided to run Garrrin (Level 22 Barbarian/Fury of the Wild) in the Tharaskh Arena on epic hard earlier in the week.  I had some help from my fellow Crypt Crawler, Friedrice, who hadn’t been on in awhile.  We summoned forth our little legion of hirelings on progressed into the quest.  If you aren’t very familiar with Tharashk Arena, also known as VON 1, the end battle is in the middle of an underground battle arena where you characters have to defeat a few waves of monsters.  On epic hard, these monsters include paragon kobold shamans, minotaurs, ogres, mephits, ogre mages, and a couple of red named trolls and their pet winter wolves.  Another issue with this particular part of the quest, is that you immediately get hit with a dungeon alert as the first wave of monsters are unleashed upon you.

The majority of the quest, up to this point, is actually relatively quite easy.  Friedrice and I made it easily to the entrance of the area with very little difficulty.  The real situation occurs when you have to enter the arena.  And even then, the real problem with this fight, at least for us, and for me in the past, are the paragon kobold shamans.  See, these little buggers tend to spam energy drain on you until you are negative leveled to death :(.  I actually had encountered this situation previously with Kolll (Level 22 Ranger/Shiradi Champion).  I figured that I could cast deathward on myself then I would be ok.  Unfortunately this wasn’t quite the case.

 photo Death in VON 1_zpstgyjy89u.jpg
Garrrin the soul stone in the arena in VON 1.

The problem we encountered was that although our characters were protected, our hirelings were not.  Before we knew it, our pets and hirelings were drained and the next thing we new we were nothing more than soul stones.  So, I decided to recall, rebuff at the guild airship, and head back into the quest.  As soon as I got back in, Friedrice did the same thing.  Although we knew the arena would be an issue we decided to give it another try.  Of course looking through the bars to the arena as we made our way back wasn’t quite assuring.

 photo Garrrin looking at what awaits him_zpsqnbbpnrt.jpgGarrrin taking a glance at what is still left to kill in the arena.

In our second attempt to clear out the arena we wiped out again.  It took us another 4 times before I realized I should bring in a hireling that had mass deathward to cast.  So, I bought Heystack and had him cast his mass deathward and then I dismissed him and brought the favored soul/exalted angel back with us and then I used my visor’s of the flesh render guards on her, so this time we were all protected.  And guess what, we actually finished off the next two waves with little issues and then took out the named trolls and their pets.  We then took out the optional bugbear named as well.

 photo Garrrin dancing for luck_zpsoggnn5fe.jpg
Garrrin dancing in the face of adversity…but in the end persistence won out!!

So, my main message for the day is to make sure you stay persistent and patient when you are tackling a tough quest.  Of course, some of this also depends on whether or not you can spend the time to do this.  The only issue I had with this particular run wasn’t re-entering the quest five times but by the time we finished it was just after 1 am and I had to work the next morning.  But we did get it done, still picked up over 10,000 experience and looted the chests!!  And now I will remember to have everybody protected from energy chain and not just myself!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


4 thoughts on “Persistance for the Win!!

  1. What I find helps is waiting at the kobold gate and rushing the buggers as soon as it opens. This gives you the jump on them, as well as keeping the rest of the wave inactive in the top of the arena while you deal with the chicken wings… and any necessary restorations, afterwards. Also keeps the upper wave from being activated, thereby keeping dungeon alert down. 🙂


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