The Aurum and the Various Members of the Concord

Within DDO, their are a large number of strange and interesting factions in both the Eberron and Forgotten Realms settings.  For instance, all of the various Houses (Kundarak, Jorasco, Phairlan, etc.), The Twelve, Sharn Syndicate, The Wayfinders, the Coin Lords to name just a few in the Eberron setting and The Harpers, Purple Dragon Knights, and the Netherese to name a few in the Forgotten Realms setting.  However, one faction that I wouldn’t mind seeing a little more development in is the Aurum.

Currently the Aurum are only present in the Gianthold area.  The other day I was running Erdrique (Level 18 Monk) through the Gianthold and decided to run the quest Foundation of Discord.  Foundation of Discord is the primary ques where we encounter the forces of the Aurum and where we learn that they are identified by the various rings that they wear.  From what I can tell, their are four different levels in the Aurum: Platinum Concord, Gold Concord, Silver Concord, and Copper Concord.  In Foundation of Discord we encounter members of the Gold, Silver, and Copper concords as identified by the banners that hang within the quest.

 photo Ever notice the three Concord banners_zpsiqgkdqpz.jpg
Erdrique taking note of the banners in the Foundation of Discord.

From our questing, we learn that the Aurum are a pretty powerful organization and that they are composed of a variety of different members.  We get the sense that the organization is a little on the evil side but we really don’t know more than that.  Looking outside of DDO, it is clear that the Aurum are a powerful criminal organization that seem to be involved in smuggling and doing anything to obtain powerful.  The organization was started by the wealthy members of dwarven families back in the Mror Holds and has blossomed to its current state.  It would be very interesting to learn more about this organization and to see what exactly they plan on gaining from their associations in Gianthold.  For instance, we know that they are part of the Storm Eye brigade but what exactly is their purpose for being there?  And what exactly will they do to obtain it?  What other interests do they have in Stomreach and Xen’drik?  A lot of possibilities here and learning more about them could be quite interesting.

I’m hoping we’ll see more quests centered around this mysterious organization.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


5 thoughts on “The Aurum and the Various Members of the Concord

  1. Agents of the Aurum are also present in Hiding in Plain Sight, overseeing Hazadill’s operations of smuggled artifacts from the Restless Isles, so they’re definitely involved in some shady business.


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