Preliminary Thoughts on the Mimic Festival

When I first heard about the Mimic Festival I wasn’t quite sure what to think.  I had originally thought that we would be put into some type of room or dungeon and that we would have to open a large amount of chests until we found a mimic and then of course defeat the mimic to claim our reward.  I later learned by watching Cordovan previewing the event on the DDO TwitchTV channel that mimics actually had a chance of spawning during your regular questing adventures and that chest drops from champions also had the possibility of becoming mimics.  I really liked this concept and was looking forward to seeing how it was going to work over the next few weeks.

However, my impressions then started to quickly change.  Shortly after the event was turned on I realized how infrequently a party was at encountering a mimic.  From my understanding, the formula to determine mimic spawn rates was supposed to decline for a group over time until the total number of mimics that spawned for an entire server hit a threshold and then a Mimic Frenzy would occur where every chest for a short duration would be a mimic.  I initially thought that this was an interesting mechanic but I also knew that this dependent on how long the frenzy lasted.  The actual implementation of the frenzy I was disappointed in.  The main problem was that you never could tell when a frenzy occurred or when you were getting close to a frenzy.  I has assumed that a global announcement was going to be made when this happened and there never was.  I believe I only encountered two “frenzies” although it is quite possible I was on line and playing when more were active but I just didn’t know about them.  For our other events we always could tell how many more turn ins were required before the main event was available (Crystal Cove and Mabar) or we could determine roughly how much time we had to run an event upon its start (Festival of the Travelor).  In this case we didn’t have either, which was a little disappointing.

However, the biggest discouragement I had was the sheer lack of lost motes you received when you killed a mimic.  No matter where you were you only received a single mote.  I don’t think I would have had an issue with this if it didn’t cost so many motes to receive a single random card.  It took 20 motes to get just one card.  Now I play DDO quite a bit, as many can attest to my weekly and weekend run posts on my blog, and even with that activity, I only generated about 30 motes or so over the entire time of the festival.  So over the entire time, the maximum number of cards I could have received from the event was only one and it takes two cards to make anything.  I was just thinking that mimics would offer more than a single mote upon their defeat.

 photo Adventuring in Mired in Kobolds_zpspdipsixy.jpg
Erdrique a few other Crawlers in Mired In Kobolds hoping to find some mimics.

I then had two other issues pop up during/after the event.  First off, dealing with the mimic “stickiness” was a little irritating, especially when you are limited on time to get a quest done (not that I zerge but I don’t poke around either).  And the second, I wish that the collectible turn in NPC stayed around for about a week after the event was closed to allow those folks to turn in their motes.  Like I mentioned above, I only had a few motes but I couldn’t turn those in on Sunday because for some reason I couldn’t connect to the game (something screwey was going on with my ISP).  In either case, I miss my opportunity to get anything.  I also had a guildie who didn’t realize that the NPC was going to be removed at the end of the event either, so he missed out as well.  Putting in a delay, like what occurs with the Festivault Jester, would have been nice.

Although I do admit, I seem to be pretty negative about this latest event there were a number of aspects I also did like.  The fact that the event occurred simultaneously during my questing was nice.  I liked not having to specifically devote time to it (although I know people did) to participate.  Of course the low drop rates of mimics and lost motes from the mimics I did encounter did make this an issue.  Second, I did like the idea of having to deal with mimics as they are a funny monster and quite entertaining (besides the sticky goo).

Overall, I felt more disappointed about this particular event that I have about the others.  The concept was great but the spawn rates of mimics and the low drop rates of motes really killed it for me.  I was hoping on being able to gather some more deathward potions and the like but that just didn’t materialize.  Hopefully the system will get tweaked a little but who knows.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!!


6 thoughts on “Preliminary Thoughts on the Mimic Festival

  1. Moot point, now, but it was 10 motes per card. Although I am in full agreement with the trader hanging around for a while longer.. I turned in all my motes on Friday, just for kicks, but the ones I had collected on Saturday and Sunday are now just collecting dust in my bank. Sad face…


  2. Yeah I agree that was bad planning on Turbines side. But I think the whole thing was badly planned – your points & Geoff Hanna’s are why I didn’t really waste time with the event. I traded what motes I had on Sunday evening before logging off and put them in my bank. I got a few of each 1-7 card which are no use to me so I’m hoping at some point in the future they will become more useful…


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