Questing in the Quickfoot Hideout

I currently have two different accounts on DDO, one is a VIP account and one is a Premium account.  The characters on my Premium account serve two purposes: acting as holders for the guild bank and as regular, semi-casuaul players for myself.  My Premium account has four characters and my highest level character on that account is 11 (Stoorage, Fighter).  As a result, I have been spending a lot of time with them in the Market and Harbor.  Recently, I took another one of my characters on that account, Containment (Level 6 Cleric), into the quest The Swiped Signet.  This particular quest can be quite challenging for newer characters, especially on elite.

 photo Containment exploring the Hideout_zpstudllnlm.jpg
Containment exploring the Quickfoot Hideout.

The quest giver is located in the Phoenix Tavern, next to the bank in the Marketplace.  A grumpy, human soldier named Grinwhite is the quest giver.  He basically tells you that he was robbed by members of the local Quickfoot Gang who stole a family heirloom.  He recruits you to enter their hideout to recover this trinket (some type of a signet).  The Quickfoot Hideout is located in the Marketplace sewers, not far away from the Phoenix Tavern.

 photo Battling the glass spiders_zps4yjeouvz.jpg
Containment fighting his way to the lever that will unlock the rest of the quest.

As you enter the quest you realize that half of the sewer is sealed off by a door.  To open the door you have to make your way to the end of the sewer that is open to you.  This particular section is covered with acid and poison traps, some of which can be turned off manually by flipping a switch, and it is covered by a small force of spiders.  The spiders include two optional named spiders, Scourge and Grudge.  Scourge is an optional orange named glass spider who is relatively easy to dispatch of while Grudge is a vicious orange named darkfang spider who is extremely potent, and he is guarded by a few black widow spiders and another glass spider just for kicks.  Both of these spiders will drop chests upon their defeat.

 photo Fighting Scourge_zps07knr8oe.jpg
Containment battling Scourge in the Swiped Signet.

 photo Grudge is quite dangerous_zps9mw1r7lh.jpg
Containment fighting the dangerous darkfang spider, Grudge.

Once you throw the lever/switch in Grudge’s resting spot, the initial door that separates you from the rest of the dungeon opens up.  You will also encounter a new set of activated acid traps as you make your way to the beginning of the quest and to explore what is on the other side of the originally locked door.  One thing that is interesting, the Quickfoot Gang must have a high tolerance for their eight legged body guards and it makes me wonder how they sneak themselves past the spiders when they want to leave the area.  Perhaps they have these spiders so trained that they will recognize members of the gang?  In any case, it is time to explore the other half of the sewer.

 photo Fighting along the gang planks_zps12hyokdm.jpg
Time to explore the other half of the sewer.

The enemies you encounter in the second half of the sewer are primarily human Quickfoot gang members, a small band of warforged, some dogs, a possible scorpion, a possible iron defender, and a few possible mephits.  So you can see the diversity of enemies is much larger.  The second half of the sewer starts out as a regular tunnel that has a few members of the gang guarding it as well as a sonic trap.  However, this tunnel then leads into a large open area with some suspension bridges/catwalks.  This is where the quest starts to get challenging.  You will most likely be spotted with members of the Quickfoot Gang raining down arros from above you.  You need to make sure you don’t daddle too long here but instead make your way efficiently and methodically across the room along the catwalks.  When you get to the entrance to the next hallway you will see that is locked and that a valve will need to be used to open it, which of course is guarded by three or so Quickfoot archers.  You will also encounter some yellow-robed human apprentices that really love to cast sleet storm.  The casting and use of sleet storm is the biggest issue on this quest.  Sleet storm will immediately slow you down, is hard to see in, and can make you slip and fall making you susceptible to enemy attacks (luckily sleet storm as the same affect on the enemy as well).  It is extremely advisable to take out the apprentices as soon as possible.

Once you make it the door at the top of the catwalks the rest of the quest is relatively straight forward.  You keep moving through the rest of the tunnels however you will have to deal with another sonic trap but even more deadly that that is having to deal with Quickfoot Casters and apprentices.  The casters look just like regular Quickoot soldiers until they start firing magic missile at you.  They also tend to like to throw lightning around.  The combination of casters and apprentices makes the end of the quest more challenging, especially when they detect before you open doors to continue have already laid down sleet storms for you to deal with.

In this last portion of the sewer, you will notice two special doors.  One is locked and one is sealed with a rune.  The rune sealed door can be opened with a character that has a high wisdom (wisdom based rune) while the other door can be picked.  The rune seal door might contain some named mephits while the locked door might have an optional named iron defender.

 photo Taking on Sizzle_zpsqkvsa9bw.jpg
Containment battling one of the rare, optional named mephits, Sizzle.

So, if you are lower level, around 4 to 6, and you are looking for a challenge of a quest, the Swiped Signet on elite will probably help meet that challenge.  It is a fun quest, but can be pretty tough at times.  Oh, one other thing I forgot to mention is that their is sometimes an optional named spider in the catwalk room and once you pass the catwalk room the Quickfoot Gang tend to respawn.  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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