So Who Exactly Makes Invisibility Potions?

There are a number of different items that the various shops/vendors in DDO do not sell.  These include various scrolls (dimension door, firewall, solid fog, etc..), potions, and wands.  As I was taking Cantlin (Level 12 Sorcerer) through Sorrowdusk Isle the other day, I broke a barrel and saw a Potion of Invisibility spill out.  This made me wonder about this special potion.

Potion of Invisibility photo Potion of invisibility_zpskcnkuvbt.jpg
Cantlin coming across a potion of invisibility in Sorrowdusk Isle.

In my experience, the easiest way to come across these spell potions is by destroying breakables.  Although I have seen some pulled and looted as treasure for various chests, the majority of these potions have come breakables (another reason why folks should take a second to obliterate those barrels and crates!!).  I find this to be curious because you find these potions in the barrels and crates from quests in the Harbor all the way through Eveningstar.  Although you can’t purchase them, they do seem to be pretty common.

Which makes me wonder, who exactly is crafting these potent brews?  Whoever it is seems to have corned the market quite well and they seem to have customers from all levels of life :).  It appears that the kobolds, troglodytes, and other sewer rift raft have the means to purchase these potions as well as the upper level monsters in the game.  However, what intrigues me most of all is that they are always in a barrel or a crate.  Why is the barrel and/or crate necessary for these special potions?  Does their creator just have a special liking for barrel and crates?  Perhaps the maker of the barrels and crates are in co-hoots with the invisibility potion creator?  Not sure, but what is also perhaps the most astonishing thing, is the glass container these potions are in.  I mean they never, ever, break…  You can whack on it with a great axe, or cleave through a number of crates, and never put a single scratch on the potion container.  Talk about wanting to take care of your product!!

In either case, the invisibility potion creator (or creators, as it could easily be a group of folks) definitely takes some pride in their handiwork by protecting it so well.  But you can also tell they like to foster trouble because who else would sell their wares to the low lives in DDO?  Only those who stay to profit by keeping the monsters around and chaos happening.  Thus the demand on invisibility potions always remains high.  Talk about a nice little niche market.

Have to like the way they think!!  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


10 thoughts on “So Who Exactly Makes Invisibility Potions?

  1. Nice thought. I’ll speculate that this is a black-ops creation of either House Phiarlan or the Free Agents. I’m more partial to House P generating these because of their spycraft nature as well as their magical resources. Rather than sell them, these are likely given only to their agents privately. Those agents occasionally leave them in dungeons as spares for their allies to find, which is why player characters are able to obtain a few.


  2. Actually, I assume invisibility potions, in DDO are originally potions of another type that go beyond their expiration date. ‘Expired’ Bull’s Strength or whatnot.


  3. Obviously there is a vendor somewhere that makes them, but he has to be evil. And since there is such a high stigma on being evil, so high that you can’t create a character who is evil, this makes it impossible to buy said potions. If you were to do so, your character would shift to evil and be deleted right on the spot.


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