A Light Weekend of Questing, Questing March 13th to March 15th

Well, I have fallen a little bit behind in my blogging schedule and I’m going to try to start catching up :)!!  This last weekend was a really quiet weekend for me when it came to questing in DDO.  This is primarily because I spent Friday night with my beautiful wife and Sunday was her birthday.  So that really left only with some playing time on Friday morning and Saturday night.  Friday morning I took Larrs (Level 20 Bard) out into the Ruins of Gianthold for my early slayer run prior to work.  I collected a few more kills out there prior to heading off to work.

 photo Larrs fighting in Gianthold_zpsdi4cbagg.jpg
Larrs dealing with the troops of the Stormfist in Gianthold.

On Saturday, I logged on with Erdrique, who at that the time was level 18.  He only needed about another 3,500 experience (if that much) before he was going to level cap.  Well, since I also want to get him prepped for getting a low level Ring of the Stalker and Spare Hand that want to continuously upgrade as he gets higher in his rogue life, I ran Kobold Island: Kobold Chaos to pick up some more Crude Talismans.  After the run, I hit the heroic experience cap at level 20.  I then went through the process to level Erdrique up to level 20 and then crunched by fragments into tokens and turned my tokens in for a True Heroic Druidic Heart of of Wood.  So by the end of the night, the only Erdrique had left to do was to move things out of Reincarnation Cache.

 photo Erd doing some work in Kobold Island_zpsonrckvhj.jpg
Erdrique doing some more work in Kobold Island.

So that was basically it for the weekend runs in DDO.  However, I did finally reach the heroic cap with Erdrique and his monk life is now in the books.  It is time to start out with a new life as a rogue :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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