Erd’s Monk Life-A Recap

I just finished up Erdrique’s heroic life as a monk and I definitely had some fun playing it.  I had decided to take Erdrique down the path of the light side and to train as a Shintao monk.  I really enjoyed the ability to self heal and the ability to cure various ailments.  I although I do admit that I didn’t use a lot of the ailment curing abilities (I just had my continual stash of potions).  One thing I definitely enjoyed was the improved evasion feat as a monk, as this was Erdrique’s first life with that ability, which of course, made dealing with traps much easier.  Erdrique does have a ranger life as well, so he had evasion in the past, but not improved evasion.

 photo Erd protecting an extractor on Kobold Island_zps8imrylas.jpg
Erd battling the forces on Kobold Island and spinning around like only monks can do.

In terms of damage output, I felt pretty comfortable with where he stood.  I’m sure I could have increased his damage output with more better handwraps but I new I wasn’t going to be staying in this life and didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time chasing down gear that I wasn’t going to be using in any significant fashion later.  One thing I really did enjoy was the combination of using stunning blow, stunning fist, and the enhancement kukan-do.  I was having things stunned all over the place .
As for the stances, I primarily stayed in earth stance for the boost in defense and constitution.  Very rarely did I move out of it.  One thing I did have trouble doing was keeping up with the various monk buffs from Ki attacks.  In many instances when I was trying to build up enough attacks to use my finishing moves my adversaries were dead. It took me a little while to get that timing down but I really liked using the Dance of Clouds for the blur like effect and Aligning the Heavens to help reduce the use of spell point cost for my party members and hirelings.  I also constantly was using my light healing ki attack as well to help with healing during my fighting, especially during some boss fights.

 photo Erdrique Getting ready to talk to the Life Shaper_zpsb49gnpbk.jpg
Erdrique enjoyed his life as a monk.

Another facet of the monk life that I enjoyed, the faster movement!!  The passive movement increase was really nice and made running through wilderness zones and longer quests much nicer and more efficient.  I’m not one for zerging but I do have a limited amount of time to play and having the increased speed boost was really nice.

Overall, I enjoyed my monk life.  I didn’t run across too many issues or quests that were extremely hard for me to get through.  I found the light path to be very sustainable as I was able to use a number of buffs and various healing abilities to keep up with hit points and to augment my defenses.  I’m sure if I spent more time in acquiring better loot the build would have been better.  Now time to move forward as a rogue :).  Thanks for reading everybody and happy hunting!!


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